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Bot building made easy

Almost every business could benefit from some form of chatbots, however, not every business has the funds and resources to build and deploy custom chatbots. Building chatbots not only takes time but can also require an individual or team with the right technical acumen to assure their effectiveness.

At Boomtown, we’ve developed a visually intuitive interface that allows just about anyone to build chatbots regardless of whether they’re simple or complex. While our Master Bot Trainer still creates global device-specific support chatbots that we offer to our partners, this new Visual Chatbot Editor allows our partners to take the reins and create their own customized chatbots if they choose.

Oh, and don’t forget about our Melody Bot, which enables teams to collaborate on the creation of a customized chatbot without ever having to leave the chatroom. At Boomtown, we’ve got your chatbot needs covered.

See how easy it is

Here’s an example of how simple it is to create your own bot questions, responses, buttons, and actions. And all of this automatically ties back into our machine learning core so as people interact with your bots, they constantly get smarter.

Boomtown Visual Chatbot Editor

So how have we made creating a chatbot so easy? We allow everything to be set up via user-friendly text fields, checkboxes, and buttons. No need to worry about lines of code or cryptic commands.

Just set your question to Active, give it a subject/title, enter the answer text that you want the chatbot to respond to the user with, and list some keywords (can also be in question format as shown above).

Additional editing functionality

You can set the question as rate-able to display thumb up / thumbs down rating buttons to the users that tie into analytics, set a time-out period in which the user has to respond before the bot displays a customized message, and even add responses in the form of buttons that take the user to a follow-up question. It’s truly that easy to set up a basic question and answer. For advanced users, the opportunities are almost endless with our chatbots.

If you’re looking to build and deploy your own army of chatbots, look no further than Boomtown. Our chatbots are an excellent complement to the collaborative ecosystem capabilities of the chatrooms they live in. With Boomtown, teams and organizations can reach a level of efficiency and automation previously thought as impossible.

Want to learn more about creating your own bots using our visual edit? Read the full details here.

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