ToolBox Update 2.0.3

By August 31, 2017Field Services, ToolBox
ToolBox Update 2.0.3

We have spent a lot of time recently focused on enhancing the field service agent experience within ToolBox. It started with a complete redesign earlier in 2017 and have continued to make enhancement over the past few months.

We’re excited to show you the latest rounds of updates to the Toolbox app.


Technician Checklists: Enhanced checklists field rendering and added Operators support to the checklists. This means that the checklist can contain conditional operators. For example: Contains, Like, Equals, Greater than, In List, etc.


Snap Picture: Added functionality to snap a picture while in the video chat! The user does this by clicking the camera icon on the right side of the screen (Check Screenshot). The user will have an option to save the picture or discard it after the snap is taken.



Emoticons: Added support for emoticons in chat 🙂


Full-screen Call Notifications: Added full-screen call notifications to mimic the behavior of an incoming call when calling from Relay Mobile -> Toolbox

Stability Improvements: Crash defects found related to using the space bar in chats and completing checklists have been fixed in this update.


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