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By September 13, 2018Product Updates, Relay
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We’re so excited to reveal the new Relay interface with you now that it is officially out of Beta! You can log in at Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback along the way while it was in Beta.

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While the core structure of Relay remains intact, we updated the look, feel, and functionality of almost every screen. In addition to creating a more modern and aesthetically pleasing interface, we were very focused on increasing team efficiency by reducing clicks, increasing context, and making workflows more intuitive.

While this post won’t cover every update that we made, we’ll cover some of the major updates that will impact your daily usage and help you drive additional automation and efficiency for your team. Let’s get started:


We reorganized the left nav menu to more closely align with the most used features of Relay. We also added new icons that make it quicker to find what you’re looking for. You can also minimize the left nav by clicking the three lines at the top left of the screen, which will give you more real estate for active window in the center of the screen.

Relay left nav

In addition to updating the master left nav, we also moved sub-menu navigation from menus across the top to menu icons on the left side of each screen. This creates more vertical space while you use Relay, which is a bit more limited than the horizontal space. Icons are consistent across the platform so once you recognize a new icon, you’ll recognize it everywhere. Each icon also has a tooltip so if you hover your mouse over it, it will display the name of the section.

Relay sub menu navigation

Card Views

One of the most visually recognizable changes we made is the ability to display objects (Issues, Customers, Users, Teams, etc.) as cards. Cards are able to quickly provide more relevant context to each object since they can be changed by type.

So if a card is showing an on-site Work Order, you’ll see the technician name and when it’s scheduled for. If a card is showing an email support issue, you’ll see the email address that it came from and the customer’s name.

Card views also display rich content (buttons, timers, etc.) right on the card to enable teams to interact with them without clicking into it. Cards also display action buttons along the left side to streamline workflows and enable agents to quickly add issues, update statuses, clone issues, and much more with a single click.

Card views also carry over to the main Issue screen for familiarity and quick reference information.

Relay Issue Card Consistency

Grid view is still available by clicking the three lines in the top right and we added action buttons to the grid view as well. You can sort your column headers by clicking and holding the mouse button down for three seconds. A menu will appear on the right and allow you to re-order or hide your columns.

You’ll notice that the card views in the right-side messaging panel in Relay have also been updated with more information to provide more context. In order to provide the most relevant information to an agent, the content on each card changes depending on the source of the Issue (more on this below).


This is one of my favorites. You can now use a single search bar that is permanently anchored to the top of the screen to search all objects within Relay.

Relay Global Search Display

This search will conduct a global search of all objects. It will display all relevant results and group them into objects (issues vs customers vs teams, etc.) and you can quickly browse between them or dig deeper into any specific option.

Global search combined with quick action buttons can drastically reduce the complexity of most workflows.


Customizable Data Tags

We expanded our field customization so you can now customize the tags on all your Issues so you can track Issues however you want.

The tags you use tie into your machine learning models so your Relay instance gets smarter every time you use it.

Pretty simple but very powerful.

Relay Custom Tags

Email Notification Engine

We rebuilt our email notification engine from the ground up. You can now customize all notifications with workflows so you can send emails whenever any specific action occurs within Relay.

For example, you may want to send a custom closeout email with a survey after each Issue is resolved by your team. Or you might want to send an automated response to a customer when you received a support email. Or you might want to get a notification when a Field Services job gets scheduled. It’s now all possible.

All default emails are configured in your portal and you can opt to customize any notification you would like and even customize them by Team.

Relay Email Engine


Enhanced Inbox Chat Context

When customers go to your website and chat with you or your bots, you now have more real-time visibility into what is happening without opening the conversation.

First, each Issue card for chat conversations now have a color bar across the top that indicates that current status of the bot. Yellow means that a customer is actively chatting with a bot and you don’t need to join yet. Orange means that the customer has requested a human and an agent needs to jump in to help. And green means that another agent is already handling the chat and it does not need your attention.

Relay Issue Card Context

In addition to the new colors, the last chat message sent is now shown on the Issue card. This allows you to see where the conversation currently is and if it needs your attention without clicking into the Issue screen. This makes it much easier to monitor multiple chat conversations and know when your attention is required.


Enhanced Email Support Communications

We added a button on each Issue conversation that launches a WYSIWYG popup for easily sending emails with rich formatting. Just click on the email button on any conversation, type your response and hit send. All communications go through the same conversation panel so it’s very easy to track any interactions and switch between channels with a single click.

Relay Email Support Modal



There are many more updates that we made to the new Relay interface but that covers the major ones. If you would like a demo of the new interface just email and we’ll schedule some time to show you around.

The old interface will remain live until October 11th 2018. After that date logging into the old Relay will automatically re-direct you to the new interface.

Cheers to more efficient teams and happier customers!



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