Team-Specific Issue Diagnosis Bot (IDB)

By October 15, 2017Bots, Connect

Intelligent routing – chatbot style

Every organization is different in one way or another. Hierarchies, departments, and individual roles and responsibilities all vary from organization to organization. Likewise, the way organizations route and handle incoming issues/tickets also varies greatly.

To address this, Boomtown has added the capability for our Issue Diagnosis Bot to be customized based on each team’s needs. This form of intelligent routing, done via chatbot, ensures that issues are only seen by the individuals that need to see them. The ultimate result of this is faster issue resolution. Your customers and support agents will be thankful.

What is an Issue Diagnosis Bot anyway?

So what exactly does the standard Issue Diagnosis Bot do and how can it be tailored to suit your organization better?

Well, first off, the Issue Diagnosis Bot, also referred to as IDB for short, is the bot that welcomes all your customers to the chat room (website or in-app chat via Connect) when they first join. The IDB then collects information from customers that are seeking support for an issue they’re having.

This collected information is used to intelligently route the issue so it is seen by the appropriate team or individuals who can begin the resolution process. This intelligent routing prevents the issue from being seen by those who don’t need to see it, which prevents clutter and keeps issues from slipping through the cracks.

Boomtown Custom Issue Diagnosis Bot

How flexible are these bots?

Regarding the customization of the Issue Diagnosis Bot, the options are seemingly endless. What the bot says, who it routes to, and how it presents to the user is all up for personalization. We highly recommend the use of buttons, which are currently all the rage with chatbots, to provide an intuitive way for users to get routed to those who can help them.

Not only does this make it as simple as a click of a button, but it helps to prevent users from responding in a manner that the Issue Diagnosis Bot is not expecting and therefore ready to answer.

And the best part? All of these interactions are tied to our Machine Learning core so your custom bot gets smarter with each interaction.

Let us know if we can help you improve your organization’s ability to diagnosis and route incoming issues with a custom Issue Diagnosis Bot.

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