Team Inbox

A new, simpler queue for all

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Team Inbox, a single place to monitor all inbound chat communication, whether it comes in via Connect, email, website chat, or in-app chat.

The Team Inbox updates in real time and is the primary queue that you can monitor throughout your day to respond to all customer communications.

When Issues are created they appear in the Unclaimed Queue.

Team Inbox Queue

Each Issue is its own Issue card and will be shown to all agents that are available. The Issue can be Claimed, Assigned or Watched by clicking on the Gear icon in the top right.

  • Claim – You claim ownership of the Issue and become the Issue Owner
  • Assign – You assign the ownership of the Issue to someone else on your Team
  • Watch – You become a collaborator on an Issue so you can watch the chat and get updates, but you do know own the Issue

Team Inbox Issue Actions

Alternatively, you can check in on the chat conversation for the Issue without taking any action by clicking on the chat bubble icon just under the gear

When you click on the chat bubble, you will be taken to the chat conversation for that Issue. Here you can review the conversation so far and jump in with your own messages.


Chat Messaging Panel

To navigate between the various tabs on the messaging panel, you can click on the buttons on the left. This will take you between the Queues, the conversations, your latest conversation and the notification panel.

Messaging Panel Buttons

As you get new chats or notifications, counters will appear noting how many new actions have happened since you were last in that section.

Chat Bubbles Examples

In addition to being able to claim, assign, watch and chat is Issues, you can also easily access the detailed Issue modal from the Issue card in the queue. Click on the card itself and the Issue modal will pop up where you can take notes, tag categories, place outbound calls, resolve is Issue and more.

Issue Modal

The Team Inbox was built to be the core inbound queue for the Relay platform and we hope you find it useful for your team.

Happy supporting!