Streamlining Last Mile Support with Better Dispatching Workflows

By October 8, 2018Product Updates
Relay dispatching

Last mile support (i.e. in-person) is a key component when supporting technology.

Systems can be complex and installations often involve configuration of a wireless network, additional cabling, and much more.

Your customers may also need on-going support when a cable goes bad or a printer just won’t stay connected and you really need to have someone physically present to diagnose and resolve the issue.

While it has always been easy to seamlessly convert a remote support ticket into an in-person request through Relay, the process of scheduling and dispatching the best technician was not the most efficient. There were some extra clicks and the workflow needed to be optimized.

This latest update significantly simplifies the field service agent dispatch workflow.

We simplified the process into three steps:

  1. Billing estimation – can be private or public
  2. Job information – the details and scope of what needs to be completed and when
  3. Dispatching – connecting the best available technician to the job as fast as possible

Relay dispatching update

With the updated dispatching workflow, you can easily dispatch your own field service agents or you can tap into Relay’s Expert Network and send a certified local expert to help complete your in-person task whenever you need.

Sending the right technicians to the right job is now easier than ever.

You can read this month’s full release notes here.

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