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By November 2, 2017Relay
Boomtown Issue Modal

A single place for better customer support

One of the keys to providing exceptional tech support is efficiency. By nature, tech support is stressful for both the end user encountering the issue and the support agent trying to resolve it. Every second matters when dealing with issues to technologies that support brick-and-mortar businesses such as Point-of-Sales, card readers, networking components, etc. as each second of downtime can lead to lost revenue for the merchant and unhappy customers.

At Boomtown, we truly understand how vital these seconds are when supporting brick-and-mortar technologies. We’re excited to announce that we just rolled out significant enhancements to our Issue modal, a core piece of our support workflow, to help support agents become more efficient and ultimately create more satisfied merchants.

New Navigation Panel

When supporting a customer there are countless details that need to be considered. Having easy access to these details allows support agents to quickly piece together the puzzle of why the issue is occurring. The new navigation panel in the Issue Modal gives agents instant access to the following information from one window.

The Issue Modal in Relay.

  • Home Screen: Contains general information about the merchant having the issue as well as an accessible site history of past issues.
  • Log Notes: An overview of the events that have occurred during the issue support process as well as any general notes left by those working on it.
  • IT Footprint: See what devices belong to the merchant’s network and how they interact with one another.
  • Billing: Add/edit items to bill for the issue’s job as well as the payment terms for the merchant.
  • Shipments: Add or view any shipments that are directly related to this issue.
  • Closeout Forms: Complete any checklists that will help ensure that the issue resolution is satisfactory.
  • Files: Add and view files that have been added to the issue.
  • Sub-Issues: Add any sub-issues such as work orders needed for the issue.


Site History

Knowing what issues the customer has had in the past can help identify trends that may help streamline the issue resolution process. We’ve made the merchant’s site history readily available on the Home Screen of the Issue Modal, so support agents always have access to this vital information because fewer clicks and time spent looking around leads to faster resolution.

Click on any of the previous interactions and you get the full details of the issue in the window to the right.

Boomtown Relay Issue Modal Site History

Private/Public Chat

Not only did we add a chat panel directly into the new Issue Modal, but we made it easier than ever to switch between private (amongst the support team) and public (with the customer) chat. Now support agents don’t have to leave the Issue Modal to chat amongst themselves or the merchant, and switching from private to public chat is just a toggle click away.

You can also see who is currently in each chat room by clicking on the Participants and Attachments button at the bottom of the chat panel.

Boomtown Chat Panel


Have you used the new Issue modal? If so, we would love to hear what you think about it.

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