Release Notes: October 2017

By November 1, 2017Product Updates

As we head into 2018, we are moving from quick weekly releases to longer monthly releases so we can get ahead of major updates and let you know about them before they happen. We’ll be sending out monthly newsletters that cover all updates in detail.

Below are the details of all updates we released in October 2017.


Issue Modal Enhancements

Over the past few months, we have been working on revamping our Issue view. We have completely overhauled the screen to optimize user workflows and bring all the key information into one place. We would love your feedback so we can continue to improve it.

Boomtown Relay Issue Modal

  1. Navigation Panel: The left nav provides easy access to important information which was previously hidden under accordions.
  2. Transition Buttons: The transition buttons for Issue progression are docked at the top of the Home panel.
  3. Public/Private Chat: Issue chat has its own window in the Issue screen for easy access. The Public chat room is used to communicate with the customer and the Private chat room is used to communicate between partners, vendors and suppliers behind the scenes.
  4. Map & Support Graph: When the chat panel is closed the location map and support graph is visible.  The support graph is a visual representation of the teams that share this location as a customer.
    • Boomtown Relay Support Graph and Map
  5. Title Bar Buttons: Boomtown Relay Issue Modal TItle Bar
    1. Chat: The Chat button opens and closes the chat on the Issue Modal.
    2. Video: Initiates the video call.
    3. Refresh: Refreshes the Issue to show the latest changes.
    4. Expand: Expands the Issue modal to full screen.
    5. Minimize: Minimize the window to the tray on the Issues -> List View. The user will be asked to save the issue if there are unsaved changes on the window while minimizing.
    6. Close: Closes the Issue modal.
  6. Site History
    1. Site history can be viewed from the main Home screen of the Issue Modal.
    2. Click the Toggle Listing button to show the site history for this particular location.
    3. You can click on any site history record to view details about that issue. The most recent/current site history will have a triangle icon in the upper-right corner.
      • Boomtown Relay Issue Modal Site History
  7. Log Notes
    1. Log Notes can be entered by going to the second left Nav item. There is no change in the functionality of creating log notes.
  8.  Billing Screen
    1. Clicking the $ sign on the left nav in the Issue Modal opens up the billing screen.
    2. In the upper-most section you can add/delete items and their associated costs that are used during the issue resolution.
    3. In the bottom-most section you can specify details pertaining to the terms of payment from the merchant including the status of the receivable and comments.
      • Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Billing Details
  9. Shipments Screen
    1. Clicking the truck icon opens up the shipping screen.
    2. The shipping screen allows you to add shipments related to an issue including a tracking # for the shipment which will allow the shipment status to automatically be updated in Relay as tracking details change.
      • Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Shipments
  10. Checkout Forms 
    1. Click the icon resembling a clipboard to open the Checkout Forms Screen.
    2. Select a checklist from the left half of the screen.
    3. Add your new response to the checklist on the right half of the screen. Responses save down to the Issue for future reference.
      • Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Checkout Forms
  11. Issue Files Screen
    1. Click the icon resembling paper files to open up the Issue Files screen.
    2. You can view files already added to the issue and filter by file type.
    3. You can select and upload additional files to this issue.
      • Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Issue Files Screen
  12. Sub Issues Screen
    1.  Click the icon that looks like ‘cross-directional traffic signs’ to open up the Sub-Issue Screen.
    2. You can Add, Edit, Delete, Clone, and Move sub-issues.
    3. When adding/editing a sub-issue fill in the details in the pop-up window as shown below.
    4. Sub Issues will appear on the Site History on the main Home Screen
      • Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Sub Issues


Device Dictionary


The Device Dictionary acts as a single point of reference for all brick and mortar technologies supported. This allows one point of data collection for each device that will ultimately allow for greater machine learning and automation capabilities to further revolutionize the support of business technology.

Devices can be added into Team ecosystems and can be attached to Issues as we support our customers. This device-level detail can then be rolled up for deeper analytics and also passed over to bots so they have the technology context for that location. For each device, you can see and edit the following information:

  • Device Profile: Edit the Device Profile Information such as the Category, Make, Model, Label, etc.
  • Issues: See the list of issues this device has been added to.
  • Locations: See the list of member/merchant locations this device has been added to.
  • Teams: See the list of teams with a Device Template that contains this device.
  • Bots: See the list of chatbots this device has been assigned to. This functionality will help connect merchants that use digital channels (Connect, iMessage, Messenger, etc.)  to the right chatbot for automated support.
  • Checklists: See which checklists this device has been added to.
  • Insights: See trends and analytics for the device via visual charts/graphs.



Device Templates


Device Templates are instances of devices that are associated with Teams and their affiliated merchant locations in Relay. These device templates, once created, can auto-populate at the Customer Location based on the Team associations when the Customer is created.  This reduces the device list size in the dropdown list to only show what you sell and the Relay user or Customer can easily identify and create devices at the location.

Here are the Device Template fields that can be customized:

  • Team(s): Associate Org Team(s) with this Device Template.
  • Industry: Specify a relevant industry for this Device Template. (e.g. restaurants)
  • Parent: Specify a parent device for this Device Template (if applicable).
  • Auto Create: When this field is checked this device template will automatically be added to any location associated with the specified team(s).
  • Device Type: Specify details for the Device Template using entries in the Device Dictionary.
  • Defaults: Set defaults for this Device Template such as notes, a default network monitoring policy, and a default resolution priority.

Boomtmown Relay Issue Modal Device Dictionary

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  1. Member -> Customer: All references to ‘Member’ in Relay have been changed to ‘Customer’.
  2. Location <> Teams: Moved all the Team Associations to the Location level instead of Member level to provide more granularity for Org associations.
  3. Issue History: Moved Issue History to location level to provide better filtering of Issues.
  4. Connect Chat rooms: All the Connect chat rooms are moved to the Location level to support the multi-location business use case where Customers have multiple locations.
  5. Custom Fields: Custom fields can be created at the location level using the Customer Specs checklist. These checklists can be created from Teams -> Checklists -> Add -> Select Type = Customer Specs. All the locations associated to the Team will have the Custom fields created in the checklist. This enables teams to implement custom fields specific to their activity natively within the Issue modal.
  6. Go to Customer Button: Added “Go to Customer” button on the Location Profile to check the Customer Profile from the location.



Onsite Intelligence (Network & Device Monitoring)


  1. ISP Name discovery: The Onsite Agent now auto-discovers the Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing broadband to the location and populates in Relay to improve support graph knowledge. This information will be found in the ISP Speed Test check on the router device (under Locations -> IT Footprint -> Checks).
  2. Printer Ink/Paper level checks: Agent updated to check on kitchen & receipt printer ink & receipt paper levels to notify for replenishment. This is not surfaced on the Relay and Connect surfaces yet but will be before the end of the year.
  3. Kitchen Printer queue checks: Agent updated to check for congestion in queue for kitchen printers. The agent will be able to detect if the kitchen printer is dropping jobs due to multiple, concurrent print requests. This information is currently captured and can be later used to trigger notifications on Connect and Relay.

Boomtown Onsite Intelligence Network Monitoring





  1. Checklist Reporting: Added reporting at the Checklist Level. This report can be generated from Reports -> Checklist Responses
  2. Checklist Emails: Groups can be sent emails for Issue Creation Checklist submissions.
  3. Opimized the content and display for the the confirmation emails that are sent out



Added an advanced search option in Relay. Below are the different ways you can search in Relay going forward. We will be adding a tooltip into Relay soon so this will be easy to reference.

  • Simple Search: Searching for Hunan San Francisco will give results only when all three words Hunan, San and Francisco are present on the record. (The system will use “And” instead of “Or” that it currently uses to filter the records.)
  • Partial Word Search: Searching for Hunan* will give results where a record entry starts with the word “Hunan”
  • Quotes Search: Searching for Hunan “San Francisco” will consider San Francisco as one word instead of two separate words and will look for an exact match.
  • Full text search: Smart operators like + / – can be used to modify the search as required. For example +Hunan +california – sanfrancisco will give results for all Hunan restaurants in California that are not in San Francisco.



Chat Message Archiving

Added chatroom message archiving where a user will be able to load older chat messages. Till now, message visibility was limited to 50. Post this release, the system will archive and publish the history.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in Relay chat or by emailing

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