Release Notes: November & December 2017

By December 8, 2017Product Updates
Product Release Notes November 2017

As we close out the year, we are focusing on making it easier for your customers to get in touch with you and then easier for you to support them.

Below are the details of all updates we released in November & December 2017.


Unauthenticated webConnect

Our website chat widget, webConnect was originally built to focus on customers that had a username and password so when they chatted in, we already knew who they were and didn’t have to go through extra steps to confirm their identity. This model works great when you have a web portal that customers log into to get information, but otherwise, it just leaves people unable to chat with you if they forget their credentials.

While you can still have an authenticated version of webConnect, you can now add chat to your website and let people fill out optional forms to identify themselves. If the information matches with a record in your system, a ticket will be created for the correct customer. If they don’t’ identify themselves upfront, a bot will jump in and ask for some basic information that we don’t have in order to ensure we know who they are. All that information is captured and saved in their customer profile in Relay. Here’s how it works:

  1. Users will be presented with a webform with four OPTIONAL fields initially and will enter webConnect after filling out or bypassing this optional webform.
  2. webConnect will try to match the user to an existing Member based on the info they’ve provided if anything.
  3. If the user is not matched to an existing Member they will still join the chat and a Member Info Collection bot will ask them the most relevant information they didn’t fill out initially such as their name or the name of their business.
  4. A second match attempt to an existing Member will occur. If there is still no match then a new Member, Location, User, & Issue will be created.

Unauthenticated webConnect



Customer Information Collection Bot

And that brings us to our next update, a bot that asks for information from unknown customers and appends it onto customer profiles to make sure CRM smarter and more complete.

This bot collects high-level information from the customer such as their Name, Business Location, Email Address, and SMS #. The bot will not ask questions we already have the answer to and the user can optionally skip these questions as they’re asked. A few minutes saved and better information at the same time!



Bot-to-Bot & Bot-to-Human Handoff

I am extremely excited about this update. This is a huge step forward in the capabilities of our bots.  The ability for the Issue Diagnosis Bot to assign Issues to other Knowledge Bots opens a world of possibilities.

  1. Assign to a Team: As a customer begins chatting with your Issue Diagnosis Bot, they either get their answer or need additional help from an agent. Based on the conversation, the bot will now assign the Issue to the best Team when the bot gets stuck. This creates a seamless handoff between bots and agents and provides complete flexibility and control over Issue routing.
  2. Assign to a Bot: Knowledge Bots play an important role in the support process. These bots are the experts on a specific topic. For example, you may have a knowledge bot that knows everything about a Verifone VX520 terminal. When a customer chats in for support and indicates that they need help with their terminal, the Issue Diagnosis Bot can now bring in the specific vx520 Knowledge Bot to resolve the Issue. When the question is answered, the Issue can be resolved or passed off to an agent to complete. Where this handoff occurs in the conversation flow is completely customizable.

Boomtown Bot-to-Bot Handoff

Relay Shortcuts – Improved Navigation via Keyboard & Voice

We have created keyboard shortcuts for a small list of the most common Relay actions. We also added the ability to complete shortcuts via voice commands.

  1. Relay Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts.
    1. Relay-wide Shortcuts
      1. Control + Shift + V  // voice
      2. Control + Shift + I // open issue by id
      3. Control + Shift + L // keyboard shortcut
    2. Issue Modal Shortcuts
      1. Control + Shift + W // close issue
      2. Control + Shift + A // assign issue
      3. Control + Shift + Enter // resolve issue
  2. Voice-activated Relay Desktop Shortcuts.
    1. To use voice-activated Relay Desktop Shortcuts press Control + Shift + V and the voice recognition dialogue will pop up. Then speak the relevant shortcut command such as ‘Add Issue’

Boomtown Voice Commands




Enhanced Phone Functionality

Keeping with the theme of voice enhancements for the month, we have drastically updated our incoming phone call routing and ticket creation workflows to reduce friction and further automate agent work.

When a call comes in, Relay looks up the number and matches it to a Customer profile. If no profile exists, it prompts a seamless workflow to create a new Customer profile. When the call is answered by an agent, it will claim the newly created Issue for that agent and pop open the Issue modal so work can begin.

You also have the ability to manually claim calls to sync phone calls to specific tickets at any time.

Relay Claim Phone Call



Internal vs. External Teams

Teams can now be designated as Internal or External. External Teams are the same as Teams today. These Teams are publically visible to your ecosystem and you can collaborate directly with External Teams.

Internal Teams are new. An internal Team is for a group of people that may need to collaborate on certain Issues, but don’t want to appear in any public lists for Teams outside of your Organization. For example, you may create a Team called, “MyOrg Retention Team” or “MyOrg Finance Team”. Your support team could then share and assign Issues to these internal Teams, but other ORganizations could not work directly with these groups.

You will see all external Teams in your Ecosystem and both external and internal Teams within your organization.

Note, Teams have to be Type = Support in order to have Issues assigned to it. If they are Type = Chat Only then they will not appear in Issue assignment lists.

You can update the Team Type under the Settings tab on the Team page.

Boomtown Internal Teams


Status Change Notifications

We understand that not everyone is logged into Relay all the time to get real-time updates. To make it easier for people to follow along with specific jobs, we have added a number of email notifications that you can subscribe to on your Relay Profile. You can have notification emails sent to you for each of the following status changes on an Issue where you are a Collaborator. You can also follow along with shipments to make sure you know exactly when your hardware arrives on-site.

  • Issue Status Changes
    • Issue Created
    • Issue Claimed
    • Issue Scheduled
    • Issue Unscheduled
    • Issue Escalated
    • Issue Completed
    • Issue Unresolved
    • Issue Canceled
  • Shipment Status Changes
    • In Transit
    • Out for Delivery
    • Delivered

To add these notifications to your profile, click on your name in the top right of Relay then click on My Profile and scroll down to the Alerts and Notifications section.

Boomtown Relay Issue Status Updates



Relay Video Updates

Video is a key part of support team efficiency. Getting eyes on an issue can cut the troubleshooting time by 50%. We have continued to enhance this functionality for agents.

  1. We updated video chat API to the latest version for increased speed and stability
  2. We added a snap picture button enabling a Relay user to remotely capture a photo in real-time from a video chat with a customer using Connect mobile. These pictures can easily be attached to the Issue for later reference.
  3. We added a sketch functionality (draw on the video) to enable future Augmented Reality and Merged Reality capabilities with Connect. As we roll this out to Connect in the near future, you will be able to draw over the video chat (for example, circle a router port) that the customer will see the drawing overlaid on the video.

Boomtown Relay Video Updates


Internationalization and Initial Spanish Support

We laid the foundation for future translation of the Boomtown platform to other languages, starting with Spanish. While this is still a work in progress, here are a few notes:

  1. Language is based on locale setting and not the user’s geolocation or time zone i.e. you can be located in California but have Relay presented in Spanish.
  2. All outbound customer facing notification (everything but bots) will work in Spanish (or another language) when a customer profile is set to the Spanish locale.
  3. All outbound messaging for customers and technicians will be translated into Spanish in the future as well as for the bots and mobile apps.
  4. We are aiming to have a complete platform-wide translation to Spanish by 1Q of 2018.



WYSIWYG Editor for Issue Log Notes

Previously manual log notes didn’t preserve line breaks and resulted in a hard-to-read block of text. This WYSIWYG editor solves this issue and allows for additional formatting capabilities for log notes.

Who doesn’t love formatting and rich text??

WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor



A few more things…

You’ll notice a few additional minor UI updates and bug fixes throughout the platform such as standardization of icons and colors as well as some updated error notifications.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat in Relay. We’d love to hear your feedback!