Release Notes: March 2018

By March 30, 2018Product Updates
Relay March Release Notes

We built a number of new features and enhancements in March and also spent a lot of time squashing bugs to create a more enjoyable Relay experience. This month we focused on integrations, bot updates and enhancing our network monitoring product. As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please chat us and let us know!


LINE App Integration

In March added another digital channel to our omnichannel platform. The Line integration works just like Facebook Messenger where users will be able to chat with you in Relay through Line and you can have it create a ticket for each conversation or go into a general team chat room.

For setting up the integration:

  1. Go to Teams -> Edit Team -> Integrations -> Add
  2. Select Line App in the dropdown
  3. Enter the Channel ID, Channel Secret and Channel Access token which can be found on the account information in LINE.
  4. Select the configuration of Auto-Create Issues (Yes/No) depending on the Team preference
  5. If Auto-Create issue is marked Yes, select the issue type and owner team to route the issue to the right audience.
  6. If Auto-Create issue is marked No, the incoming chats from LINE app will go to the team’s public chatroom.

Relay Line Integration

After the integration is completed, the channel will be eligible to send messages to Relay. The experience from Line will look native and conversations will come into Relay just like any other chat.

Relay Line Integration Interface


Service Cloud Bi-directional Integration

Our Service Cloud integration has been updated to support the bi-directional sync workflows. This allows your team to sync all tickets, notes, status updates and more from Relay to Salesforce and allows you to update tickets in Relay directly from your Salesforce organization.

To set up a Salesforce bi-directional sync, please follow the guidelines on


Job Submission Forms for Existing Customers

Teams often want to submit a job request on behalf of an existing customer. Previously you had to add the customer details each time in order to do this, which was time-consuming.

We added the functionality to submit specific job details for existing customers from the main Issue Add screen or from the Customer Profile.

On Issues -> Add, for existing customers, select the checkbox ‘Add Checklist’ if additional details need to be provided and select the checklist from the picklist.

Relay Checklist Update

API v3 Update

We have overhauled our web service to create the new API v3, which uses data type and endpoint names that are more consistent with the terms used in Relay (“Customers”, “Orgs”, “Technology”) as well as new functionality for managing Technology, integrating with Phone systems, linking objects with external IDs from external systems, and support for checklists and custom forms.

You can continue to access APIs v2 from as well.



We made a number of enhancements to our chatbot platform this month and will continue to do so each sprint going forward. Here are a handful of updates that we are launching this month:


Follow-up Responses for Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down Bot Rating Buttons

We added functionality so that chatbots can now respond and try to extract valuable feedback when the user provides a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down rating to a question. This data will be built into analytics to allow Bot Admins to better monitor the success or failure of individual bot answers.

Relay Chatbot Concierge Resolution


Automated-Issue Resolution Flow (End of Topic) on Concierge Bots

This functionality will allow Concierge Bots to automatically resolve Issues in the same manner that the Knowledge Bots currently do.

This will be valuable for Teams that are having the Concierge Bot handle and resolve general FAQs via the initial welcome conversation that are not relevant to any specific technology.

Relay Chatbot Concierge Resolutions Relay Chatbot Resolution


Highlight Bot Buttons in Relay after they’ve been clicked

When a customer interacts with chatbot buttons, it’s important to know what they clicked so agents can review the conversation for complete context. We updated the interface in Relay to display an outline around a chatbot button that has been clicked by a user in a conversation.Relay Chatbot Button Highlight

UX Update

As we mentioned before, we are in the middle of a massive user interface upgrade for Relay. While the functionality will remain largely the same, the look and feel will be much more modern and workflows will be streamlined.

We made a lot of progress on the overhaul this month and will continue to do so each sprint. The new interface will be ready in late May / early June. We can’t wait to share it with you!


Connect on Smart Terminals (Carbon / Poynt)

Connect on Verifone Carbon 8 & 10 has been completed and is ready to go live! We have also submitted a new version of Connect on Poynt to the Poynt app-store and the app should be live by Friday.


Onsite Intelligence

We updated our notifications from our network monitoring agent to include more human-friendly messages in the Issue notes. This will make it easier to understand the exact reason why the Issue was created and what resolution steps might be to solve it.

We continue to add additional scans and checks at the technology level, so this list will grow and more diagnosis processes on how to resolve Issues created from the onsite agent will be provided.

 Currently, the onsite agent is fully functional with the features below:

  1. Device Scans (the scans which set the status on the devices)
  2. Wifi Scans (SSIDs)
  3. Wifi Quality Check
  4. ISP Speed Test on routers
  5. Local connectivity Scans (Ping and packet loss)
  6. Notification trigger on critical devices going into critical status
  7. Streamlined the agent training process to reduce time to activation for the agent. The agent will now go live immediately and continue to train and learn over time.


Bugs/Minor updates:

Apart from the new features described, the team focused on fixing bugs and making minor tweaks to improve quality of life within Relay.

  1. Fixed Issue Ref number not appearing in Insights.
  2. Fixed Technician Activity Map which was not always populating with technician pins.
  3. Fixed the error that was shown while merging locations.
  4. Fixed team room notifications periodically not populating the team room.
  5. Fixed the issue where special Characters posted in Slack Rooms were being stripped out and not displayed in Relay.
  6. Fixed bug in which bot button clicks were displaying as junk data in transcripts for closed out issues.
  7. Fixed issue where the primary Concierge bot was joining a conversation when attempting to do a handoff between a Knowledge bot and a custom Concierge bot.
  8. Removed multiple team avatars from the Technician popup on Advertisement map.
  9. Fixed the issue where customer chat-rooms were not providing notification and chat-room counter on some browsers.
  10. Added functionality where Owner users can be searched with their full name on the Issue -> List view
  11. Added functionality where Issue ID can be searched in lowercase letters
  12. Fixed a defect where Daily Digest emails bucket “Unresolved” issues into “Resolved” category.
  13. Added Technician user to Issue list view for users with Manage Technicians permission
  14. Updated localization elements for {files uploading} and {notification count} and several other instances pointed out our Users.
  15. Added a scrollbar to My Profile -> Alerts and Notifications.
  16. Fixed recipients for Ready to Claim notification to only send notifications to Issue owner team users and not all collaborators.
  17. Update Google sheets API to reflect correct Ref-id and technician user.
  18. Added a video upload option in the the Technology Dictionary to capture videos for ML image recognition training.
  19. Added phone number search on Customer User grid
  20. Fixed issues while editing technician profile when opened through advertisement map.
  21. Removed unnecessary mandatory fields in the Additional settings of Technician profile which caused a problem in saving the profile.
  22. Fixed the issue where Relay search by phone numbers yielded incorrect results


As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please chat us and let us know!