Release Notes: January 2018

By February 9, 2018Product Updates
January 2018 Release Notes

2018 is off to a great start! We have a number of new features, enhancements, and updates planned for this quarter. As always, we’re focused on improving the support experience for agents using Relay as well as the end customer that is getting help. This includes increased visibility, flexibility, and efficiency updates for the agents and cleaner UIs and improved intelligence in our customer support tools. We can’t wait to show you what we’ll be building this year.

Here’s a recap of everything that is new from our January 2018 release.


Visibility into Automated Communications

Relay generates a number of communications to customers automatically so that agents don’t have to do it manually. Saving time is the name of the game. While agents don’t have to send these communications, they do need to know what was sent and to whom.  In this release we provided a log on each Issue to show you exactly what was sent, on which channel, and who received it. This makes it easy to reference every communication that occured with a customer, whether you sent it or not.

This can be accessed from the Issue Modal by clicking Log -> Notifications Log:

Automated Relay Comms

This log captures information about all Relay-generated notifications that were sent in the context of the Issue across all communication channels. The logs will contain push notifications, SMS, emails and Relay notifications that were sent from this Issue to different customers, agents, and technicians.

Relay Comms Log Detail

You can click into any notification to view that full detail and visual interface of the notification:

Relay Communication Notification Images



Onsite Intelligence Notifications

One of the key values of Onsite Intelligence is that your customers can know exactly when something goes offline. While agents receive this information, sometimes a customer may not want to involve an agent and may want to fix it themselves. We added automated communications to monitoring events that can send push notifications to Connect when devices go offline or require attention. The scans and resulting problems that will create notifications are:

  1. Low Printer ink levels
  2. Printing queue issues
  3. WAN outage alerts
  4. POS cloud alerts

In the next release, these notifications will be added to the Onsite Intelligence dashboards within Relay as well.Onsite Intelligence Connect Notification

Device Identification

This is the first step to enable our mobile apps to automatically identify customer technology when you point your phone or smart terminal at it. Once identified, a bot linked to the device will be deployed in the Issue chat room to initiate a resolution workflow.

While this is a journey, it is the future we are working toward and why we spend so much time integrating machine learning, augmented reality, and other new and innovative technology. We believe the future of support looks very different than how people think about it today.

In this release, we made significant improvements in creating machine learning models to detect devices visually.  This ties into the same identification effort conducted by Onsite Intelligence via the local network.  Visually, we can now accurately detect Verifone VX520 and VX570 terminals and trigger FAQ bots for troubleshooting. In the upcoming releases, we will continue the development of our machine learning training to detect ALL merchant technology through 1) static pictures submitted or 2) live video.

True customer support self-help magic is coming soon.

Technology Identification Technology



Relay Email Channel Enhancements

While email is not as engaging or efficient as other channels, it is a primary channel of communication for many customers today, especially in the B2B space. We will continue to enhance our email channel based on your feedback to enable you to provide exceptional support across any channel your customers want to use.

Here are a few key updates from this release:

  • Added custom Team routing for each email integration
  • Streamlined the UI of email replies within the conversation panel
  • Masked the reply-to email when customers are replying to emails that go into Relay
  • Cleaned up email history to make it easier to read

 Relay Email Support Update



Task View Updates

We made numerous updates to the Task View cards to make it easier to read and work from. This update is specifically focused on streamlining work for project managers that dispatch and manage field agents. We added the following fields:

  • Customer name
  • Phone number
  • Type of Issue
  • Shipping status
  • Scheduled date
  • Truncated special notes
  • And we added a shortcut button to quickly add log notes to the issue

Relay Task View Updates




We added minimize buttons on all modals throughout Relay! This will make it a lot easier to multi-task no matter what you are working on. When minimized, the modals save as tabs on the bottom of the screen. Minimize buttons have been added to shipments, customers, devices, technicians, Teams, Bots, Invoices and more!

Relay multi-task and minimize



Bot Issue Resolution

One of the core benefits of using bots for customer support is that you can automate the easy and mundane questions so your agents can focus on the complex issues that require human attention.

While our bots have been able to resolve issues on their own already, we have traditionally let agents resolve Issues manually for additional oversight. As our bots have improved, we added the functionality for bots to automatically resolve and close Issues when a customer no longer has any questions.

Upon resolution, the customer is immediately presented with a rating screen to capture feedback from the interaction, which ties back into the bot analytics and enables teams to constantly improve bot functionality.

Relay Bot Issue Resolution


If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat in Relay. We’d love to hear your feedback!