Release Notes: February 2018

By March 2, 2018Product Updates
Relay February Release Notes

This month we continue our quest to expand existing functionality and make our products more flexible and user-friendly. Here’s a quick recap of what’s new.


Bulk Import Update

Dynamic bulk imports are required for easy onboarding to ensure all your data gets properly imported into Relay.

In addition to our standard customer and team information, we have added the ability to upload technologies and any custom fields you want to include.

Here’s the workflow:

  1. Go to Customers -> Add/Import
  2. Select the CSV with the list of customers you want to import to Relay.
  3. Select the Team to pull the custom fields.
  4. Click Import and Process button.
  5. On the Mapping screen you will see the option to map the fields to Technology as well as the Custom fields.
  6. The devices can be mapped using the Dictionary ID, Make, Model, Type, Template ID and keywords from the label.
  7. The custom fields can be mapped to the fields on the Custom Specifications checklist created for the team the customers need to be mapped to.

Relay Bulk Upload

Note: The bulk import template CSV is updated to reflect this update.



Move Issues between customers

When inbound support requests come from unknown contacts (new phone number, sms, email, etc.), we create a placeholder Customer Profile for that user to capture the interaction. When that unknown channel is actually a new communication channel for an existing Customer, you can now easily move that Issue from the current Profile to the new Profile.

Here’s the workflow:

  1. Open an existing issue.
  2. Click Assign
  3. Change Customer Information and hit save
  4. All the information on the homepage of the Issue modal will be updated with the selected Customer’s information. This includes Site History, Map, Team Associations etc.

Relay Move Customer

Note: The customer information on an Issue can only be changed in the Remote, Preparing and Scheduling statuses.



REF-ID (Ticket ID) update

We have changed the unique ID of an Issue to be more user-friendly.

The Reference ID has been changed to a shorter 6 character alphanumeric string (from 16). This ID will be searchable in the Issue listing grids as well as its corresponding filtered versions within customers, locations, teams, etc.



Technology Dictionary Update

We are continuing down the path of enhancing our Technology Dictionary as it becomes more of a core component of the Relay platform. We took feedback from teams and made it overall easier to use and make a number of enhancements this month. Keep the feedback coming!

  1. Changed the Name: Changed the name Device Dictionary to Technology Dictionary to capture a wider spectrum of technology beyond devices.
  2. Issue count: Added Issue count per technology to listing grid of Technology Dictionary. This will provide visibility for which chatbots we should proactively be building.
  3. Technology Add Button: On the Issue Add, updated the label for ‘Technology Add’ to ‘Not Listed’ to make it more conversational and less confusing. The idea is the button only needs to be clicked when the Technology the user is looking for is not already in the dropdown list.
  4. Field Label Change: Changed the field label “Template” on the “Add Location Technology” modal to “Select a Technology”.
  5. Template Filtering: Filtered the current “Templates” dropdown on the Add Location Technology modal based on the Relay User Team associations to show only applicable Technology.
  6. Migrated Templates to Org Level instead of Teams
  7. Added Photo uploader to the dictionary to facilitate device identification machine learning algorithms
  8. Added additional fields on the dictionary to capture
    1. Identification Status (Based on ML capture and labeling of the technology from a picture)
    2. Average installation time (hours)
    3. Average resolution time (minutes)
    4. Average lifecycle (months till replacement)
    5. Purchase Link (eCommerce URL to order)
    6. Bandwidth Requirement (Up & Down)
  9. Finally, we made Customer Technology a required field for Closeout. You can always select None from the list.



Team Hours of Operations

As our chatbots are increasingly facing Customers, Team availability for escalations from chatbots is required so they don’t hand an Issue to a Team that is not there.

Hours of operations are set by a Team that Bots will reference so they do not escalate when a human is not available.  Our Chatbots can now provide an away message instead of a welcome message when a user chats outside of the team’s hours of operations.

Each individual message can be customized and team handoffs and information collection can be optimized as well.

Here’s the workflow:

  1. Go to Orgs -> Teams
  2. Click the Additional Settings accordion.
  3. Define a time zone for the team
  4. Specify the availability periods for the team.
    1. Formatting examples for this include the following:
      1. M-F:9-17
      2. M,W:9-17; T,TH,FR:9-19

Relay Business Hours

Once set, you can edit the particular chatbot topic and specify the Away Text (the response that will display to the user when outside of the defined hours of operations) and input the Team ID that has the associated hours of operations.

Relay Out of Office Chatbot Response



Enable Bots to fetch information from Relay

We enabled our chatbots to 1) display information from fields in Relay to Customers and 2) modify fields within Relay from Customers chatting with bots. This is the foundation of a very powerful tool that makes chatbots more powerful and take on additional tasks. Resetting password, updating contact information, changing pricing plans, etc.

Here is the workflow to enable this:

  1. Edit any bot topic within the Edit Topic
  2. If you want to display the current value of the Relay field to the user add the token for that Relay field, surrounded by double brackets, to the Text and/or Away Text fields.
  3. Add a Response with min_words as the validator and set the value to 1. Set the response text as the message you’d like to display to the user upon successfully updating the field in Relay.
  4. OPTIONAL: Add a text validator with the value _error and set the response text as message you’d like to display to the user upon an unsuccessful attempt to update the field in Relay.
  5. Check the Save Response checkbox.
  6. Select the type of field (Object) that you want to update based on the user’s response.
  7. Select the specific field (Object Field) that you want to update based on the user’s response.


Relay Chatbots Access Data



Insights Update

We have significantly expanded our capabilities through Insights to deliver even more actionable analytics to your teams.

A few examples of updates are:

  • Technology analytics
  • Bot health and automated response feedback
  • Issue sources and intra-source analytics (e.g. bot cs human chat counts)
  • Omnichannel reporting
  • Team usage and agent performance metrics
  • And much more!



Customer admin permission across Locations

We added functionality for Connect Users that allows managers who are designated as group admin in to create Issues across locations under the Customer profile.

The group admin will also be able to see the service history across those locations. This allows regional managers to have more control over multiple location businesses.



Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements

  1. Fixed a bug where only Superuser admins could add a Technician Checklist to an Issue. Now all users can add these checklists to an Issue.
  2. Fixed “Next” button not working on scheduler if a user forgets to enter a field.
  3. Fixed a defect w/ Task View where the ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Today’ filters were not working for some users.
  4. Fixed a bug where public chat messaging in the Customer Issue Room had the Owner User listed instead of the Technician User for dispatched jobs.
  5. An improvement where “Actual” Items are cleared out when the Issue is “Canceled”.
  6. Fixed a bug when creating Sub Issues removes equipment tag & support tag, and ‘Sponsor Organization’ & ‘Issue Owner User’ from the parent issue.
  7. Added Phone # search to all Issue Grids.
  8. Changed the “Password Recover” button on Relay home page to “Forgot Password?” and made the button less prominent.
  9. Fixed problem where the file upload bar was disappearing after closing an Issue and then opening another Issue.
  10. Made Technician User picklist searchable on Technician Advertisements.
  11. Fixed problem where the Issue sponsor team was not showing with Issues in the Unclaimed queue.
  12. Fixed bug where Toolbox was pulling in incorrect checklist types to be filled out by the technician.
  13. Fixed rich text formatting issue on Google Sheets and Ticketing Integrations.


As always, we’re here to help you solve your most pressing customer support needs. Keep the feedback coming!