Relay Task View

Get organized by Issue Status

Historically Relay has been built on list views to make it easy to view a lot of information in one place and primarily use the Search function to find the specific Issue or update you’re looking for.

While this is great for getting all the details for each job, it’s not ideal for overseeing all Issues that are happening in real time.

Task view allows you to create a visual representation of each open Issue organized by the Status of that Issue. You can easily follow along with the progress of each job by stage and ensure they are progressing as they should.

The great thing about Task View is that you can easily get all the information about an Issue in one place and you have access to quick link to drill into the details. Easily add notes or pop open a chat and work with the customer from a single dashboard. The most important information is displayed prominently on the card and the rest of the details are accessible with a single click.

Relay Task View

Task Views are completely customizable and you can display your Issues across as many templates as you would like. Just open the Task View (Issues -> Task View) and click the ‘Create new task view’ button in the top left. Select the filters you want to apply and you’re done! That view will save for easy future access.

We find that task view is most valuable for tracking and services on-site jobs, but we have also seen it used by remote support teams as well.

Let us know how you use Task View or how it could be improved for you.

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