Relay Release Notes: October 2018

By October 9, 2018Product Updates
Relay Product Release Notes October 2018

Release date: 10/11/2018 8pm PST.

This month we were focused on streamlining communications and workflows. We updated the message composer window to simplify switching between communication channels and we optimized the dispatching workflow to make it easier and faster to dispatch field service agents. You can read the full release notes below.

As a reminder, this is also the final cut over to the new Relay interface. After this update, you will be automatically redirected to the new Relay when you log in and will no longer be able to access the old site. The new URL to log in is


Communication Channel Selector

This update is first in a series of updates that is focused on bringing more functionality within the message composer. The goal is to reduce the friction of changing screens while helping a customer.

There are few key features included in this release related to consolidation of buttons within the message composer.

Channel Selector: We added a button that allows you to quickly select the communication channel on the message composer. Agents can now quickly toggle between chat, email, SMS, and social (when the issue is created from social channels) to communicate with the customer.

Relay Communication Channel Selector

Log Note button: We added a log note button to capture notes while chatting with the customer. This will reduce the number of clicks needed to log a private note on an Issue. When you select the log note button, it will post a yellow note in the chat which will not be visible to anyone but Relay users.

Relay log note update

Video call: While there is no change in video support functionality, we moved the button from the top right down to the message composer to consolidate all communication channels.

Claim call: We also changed the position of the claim call button. When you are on a phone call and want to attach the phone record to an issue, you just click the claim call button and it will sync the records (assuming you have the claim call functionality integrated in Relay).

Relay comm channel buttons

Other communication channel updates

Email updates – We added a native email alias for each Team in Relay to reduce the dependency on IMAP integrations. You can now just forward a support email to a pre-created Relay email alias to send emails directly into Relay and automatically create tickets.

Also, Relay now displays hyperlinks from inbound emails in addition to attached files. You will see a warning when clicking on a link that takes you outside of Relay.

Phone updates – When a customer abandons a call in queue, you now have the ability to toggle between creating an Issue in your queue for a call-back or to automatically cancel that Issue so it doesn’t show up in your queue.


Field Service Dispatching

We streamlined the dispatch workflow to reduce clicks and make it faster to dispatch the best field service agent. We consolidated the Initiate Scheduling and Confirm Scheduling screens into one workflow that guides that user through the process. There are now three main steps to each dispatch process:

Billing Estimation – User enters the estimates for the job for approval

Job Information – User enters scheduling information, scope of work, and attaches checklists

Technician Dispatch – User advertises the job to a technician

Relay dispatching update

We will continue to simplify the resolution and closeout screens to reduce some repetitive tasks and hide unnecessary information.


Knowledge Base

In this release we enhanced our persistent search bar, which will display as many relevant options as possible to the user via a dynamic drop-down list that changes based on what the user has typed in the search bar.

We also shortened the article URLs which makes it easier to surface long-form articles in webConnect and Connect via bots.

Finally, we fixed a bug which redirected the user to a JSON page while refreshing on certain screens.


Relay Sense

We updated Relay Sense with some new scans and reporting capabilities, which help make your support more proactive:

ISP Name: The name of the primary internet provider will show in the Primary ISP Name field under the Advanced tab of a router when found during a scan.

Relay Sense ISP Name

DLNA Scan: Relay Sense has an ability to run DLNA scan on all the detected devices on the location network. This scan is utilized in order to detect devices accurately and show the status of the technology.

Traceroute Scan: Traceroute is a utility that records the route through the Internet between your computer and a specified destination computer. It also calculates and displays the amount of time each hop took. Relay Sense has the ability to run traceroute scans in order to identify the issue in any of the missed hops in the internet connectivity to give the user an understanding of where the issue lies.

Insights Update: All of the data from the above scans will now show on the updated Relay Sense dashboards at each Location to assist with troubleshooting.


We made a handful of updates to the global search functionality in Relay. First, you’ll notice that the new UI is more prominent.

Relay global search

We also updated the records returned from a search to include status colors and created date on the cards for easy reference.

We removed inconsistencies while searching for certain fields on the local grid vs the global search and we also updated the grid search to sort the results based on the relevance score utilized in global search to make the results comparable.


Platform Localization

We finalized our platform localization engine for Relay so users can now select which language they want Relay to display in and it will convert all fields. Relay is available in English, Spanish and Japanese. We will continue to add additional languages over time.


Relay Connect

With this latest release, Connect is fully translated to Japanese (Kanaji). If the phone settings are set to Japanese, the user will be able to use Connect in Japanese.

We also fixed a number of small bugs that were impacting certain devices:

  • Fixed issues which were related to changing an avatar in the My Profile section of the application
  • Fixed an issue where the technician dispatched on an issue was not visible to the Connect user on the Map. We also fixed an issue where the user was not able to zoom in and out of the map tile.
  • Fixed various bugs related to chat message duplication, image duplication and a black screen that was caused by typing in Japanese characters
  • Fixed an issue with the speaker button on the video chat

Connect Localization


Other Relay Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Drop down menus are now in alphabetical order
  • Added colors to checklists to show the status (red = required, green = completed, none=rest)
  • Increased refresh rates on Smart Inbox for faster updates
  • Added API for Single Sign On (SSO) to Relay
  • Hardened conversation panel as some users reported missing messages (email and chat)
  • Updated web scheduler pages so they can be private labeled
  • Updated Linked Teams so agents can assign Issues to specific Agents on Linked Teams that they are not on
  • Fixed an issue where users saw “Error loading Technician” when clicking on a technician profile
  • Added an auto save on Issues for when phone auto screen-pop would navigate away from an Issue screen and unsaved information would be lost
  • Added a warning when a User tries to schedule a dispatch for a date in the past
  • Updated the revision screen on the bulk uploader
  • Updated the webConnect source icon to be a chat bubble
  • Updated the Salesforce integration for the new domain


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