Relay Release Notes: November 2018

By November 8, 2018Product Updates
Relay November Release Notes

Release date: 11/08/2018 10pm PST.

This month we were focused on optimizing support workflows specifically for interactions that span multiple hours or days. Additionally, we added new ways to collect and organize customer feedback so you can ensure you are always hearing the voice of your customer.

We also spent time revamping our prediction engine. We are creating a model of proactive suggestions to help agents identify the right tags, diagnosis steps, and answers in order to solve issues quickly and consistently. In upcoming releases you will begin to see proactive suggestions appear on Issues that guide you to the best solution.

You can read the full release notes below.


Snooze Functionality

Complex issues that can’t be solved on first contact can often span multiple days or even weeks. During this period of time, teams don’t want to look at a queue full of Issues that can’t be addressed immediately. To help teams focus only on what’s most important right now, we introduced the ability to “Snooze” an Issue. This functionality temporarily hides the Issue from the queue until a designated return date. The Issue will be hidden from queues but will still be accessible via search.

This is an optional status so there are no required workflow changes with this enhancement.

Here are some of the highlights of the new Snooze functionality:

Only the owner of the Issue will have the ability to Snooze an issue to a later time. This button will be available within the issue and also on the issue card in the Mine queue of the Smart Inbox.

Relay Snooze Feature 1

Relay Snooze Feature in Queue

On clicking the Snooze button on the issue, the user will see the following screen:

Relay Snooze Feature 3

Wake up time: The wake up or return time for the Issue can be set in reference to several Relay time stamps. For example, the user can set the wake up time to be 15 minutes before a scheduled install or training or a 1 hour after estimated shipment arrival time. By default, you will set a return time in relation to the current time (e.g. 1 hour from now).

Reason for Snooze: This is a tag field that can be customized for each team. Reason tags will provide consistency across how people use the snooze functionality and will be logged into the Log Notes on the Issue. A user can select from a pre-set list of tags or can create a new tag in real time from this screen if the required tag is not available.

The tags can also be created and edited from the Edit Tags button or under System ->Tags:

Relay Snooze Feature Reason Code

Alert Collaborators: This flag will alert all collaborators on the Issue via email when the issue reaches the wake up time.

Notes: An email with the notes will be sent to the Issue owner and/or collaborators if selected via the toggle when the Issue reaches the set wake up time.

Issue grid filters: The Issues in Snoozed status will disappear from the Mine queue for the duration of snooze. They can be found from the issue grids if you use the Snoozed filter under Queue Filters:

Relay Snooze Feature Filter

Call to Action for Operations Leads: You can pre-create the Snooze tags needed for each of your teams (System -> Tags).


Relay Field Changes

We are merging a few duplicate fields to streamline tagging and data capture as well as to more tightly integrate our machine learning engine for predictive suggestions.

  • Issue Category and Support tags have been merged to one field called Categories
  • Issue Categories is a multi-select tag field instead of a single select drop-down
  • Issue Category tags will be displayed in the issue cards on inbox


Customer Feedback Surveys

Today, Relay captures CSAT and NPS scores via chat channels on Connect and webConnect.

We have added new feature that allows teams to send customer surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative customer feedback via Email or SMS and sync them back to the Issue and Customer Profile.

The option to send a survey will be accessed on the Resolve screen of an Issue. In addition to collecting CSAT and NPS scores, teams can also send a list of questions using a Customer Acceptance Checklist to collect structured customer feedback from their experience.

Relay NPS and CSAT surveys

Users can create Customer Surveys under Systems -> Checklists -> Add -> Select Customer Acceptance checklist. The checklist creation process is similar to the Issue Creation checklists.  The users can create several form fields and map to NPS, Agent Rating, Customer Comments and more to get the required data into the Issue.


Relay Predictive Suggestions

Historically, our approach with machine learning within Relay has been on the side of pre-filling fields with data to help with issue diagnoses.

With this new initiative, Relay will become more suggestive in helping teams quickly add important information in the various fields in Relay. In this release we focused on building out the infrastructure to support this approach. In the next few releases, Relay users will start seeing suggestions on various fields to make the user experience faster and more intuitive.

The suggestions from this initiative focus on the following areas:

  1. Probable root cause analysis – Suggestions related to the cause of the issue based on the past issue data and current customer conversation
  2. Resolution suggestions – Integrating Relay knowledge base to the Issue to surface articles that assist with issue resolution based on the current and past issue data
  3. Bot suggestions – Suggestions by chatbots in the private chatroom for quick answers or troubleshooting tips.


Relay Sense (network and technology monitoring)

We made a few configuration changes to Relay Sense to streamline setup, configuration and ongoing monitoring. Here are a few of the key updates that we made:

  • Added a filter to the top of the configuration page which offers “Monitored”, “Unmonitored”, or “All” as query filters; defaults to “Monitored”
  • Replaced colored status representation (e.g. dot, font color) on Unmonitored devices with a grayed out equivalent so it doesn’t look like it is offline
  • Re-labeled the Priority field values to more clearly capture the purpose
    • Non-critical => Unmonitored
    • Critical Low => Monitored
    • Critical High => Business Critical
  • Dropped the policy field from technology configuration screen
  • Updated Device status change methods to keep Unmonitored devices in an OK state to reduce false alarms on devices that are not critical to business.


Relay Desktop Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

As always, we continued to streamline small workflows and squash bugs that cause negative experiences. Here’s a list of what we updated with this release:

Issue Files: Two minor updates made to the files section:

  • Transcript Name: We updated the transcript name to show the Issue Reference ID as well as if it’s the public or private transcript. The name of the file will be <Ref id>_public or <Ref id>_private
  • File icons: Our file type icons broke and we fixed them to show images for pdf, .xls, .doc and other file types.Relay File Update

Clone/Merge updates: We updated and fixed a few bugs for merging different objects within Relay:

  • Fixed an issue where cloning a user more than once created an error – “Email address has already been used”
  • Fixed an issue where merging users shows Success, but users are not merged
  • Added “Site Name” to the display of target records while merging locations for quick reference
  • Fixed an issue that caused Issues from merged Locations to not be listed under the target Location

Navigation Updates

  • Added a left nav item for bots under Org > Teams to display which bots are mapped to the that Team
  • Added a left nav item for Teams under System -> Users to display which Teams a Relay user is part of

Checklist updates:

  • Fixed an issue where after completing a checklist, refreshing the checkout forms did not update response count on the checklist card
  • Fixed an issue where Checklist responses are not visible in the new Relay interface
  • Fixed an issue where non-admin users saw an error while submitting issues with certain checklists
  • Fixed an issue where submitting Issues with checklists – “issue name” and “Issue Symptoms & Questions” do not populate on the Issue

Other Minor Updates

  • Updated some forms to move the country field to be above state field
  • Updated the card view for Work Orders in Issue Inbox to show Technician user name instead of Technician name
  • Added the ability to close all the open issues in the minimized tab. Users can use shift + click on the green icon on the views to close all the open tabs
  • Fixed an issue where Issue > Edit > Assign – Updating Customer leaves customer location and contact blank.
  • Fixed a UI issue where My Profile > Avatar: Upload menu UI overlapped with the file selector
  • For phone integrations, fixed an issue where Relay User’s availability was not resetting after inbound/outbound call is completed
  • Fixed an issue where Customer > Location > Technology > Add device – delete/backspace did not clear record during entry
  • Fixed an issue where Issues > List filters reset after opening an issue but filter display did not update


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