Relay Release Notes: June 2018

By June 25, 2018Product Updates
Relay Release Notes - June 2018

In June we were focused on making enhancements to existing functionality to make it easier to use and overall more flexible.

We’ll also include some snapshots from the new UI to show you where it’s heading :).

Here’s what went live with the June release:

Smart Inbox Algorithm

We updated our algorithm for the Smart Inbox to help prioritize Issues at the top of the queue based on real-time conversations vs asynchronous conversations. We also updated variables related to last activity that helps agents understand what to work on next without having to manually sort through each conversation.

In addition to enhancing the Smart Inbox algorithm, we also added queue filters on the Issue -> List view for teams that manage larger queues and want to manually select which Issues to work on.

Relay Smart Inbox

Email Alerts and Support Communication

We made a number of enhancements to our email engine this month including:

  • Updated email templates to a more modern look for all alerts and notifications that are sent to Relay Users. The branding is also updated from Boomtown to Relay.
  • For inbound email support, we added an optional autoresponder with issue routing controls by Team. The message is customizable at the Team level.
  • Updated the default email text and signatures for outbound email communications to more closely match today’s major email clients.

 Relay email template update

Chatbot Automation with NLP

We pushed a huge update for our Concierge chatbots this month where we added natural language processing for enhanced issue automation and intelligent routing. This means that customers can now opt to either use pre-defined buttons to guide the conversation or just chat in their question to more quickly get to the same answer.

Based on the question that the customer asks, the Concierge Bot can now 1) ask a follow-up question, 2) pull the answer from a specific Knowledge Bot or 3) route the conversation to the appropriate support team.

We have already seen drastic increases in fully automated responses after this update in our beta testing.

 Relay Concierge Bot NLP

Japanese Localization

We kicked off our process to localize Relay for Japan.

Relay can now accept Japanese addresses and time zones and we will complete the full language translation over the next few months.

Relay Japanese localization

Knowledge Base Updates

You can now bulk edit KB articles in order to quickly change status, topics, or organization structure with just a few clicks.

Bulk Edit Relay Knowledge Base

Bulk Data Editor

We updated our bulk data importer to support update/edit functionality (in addition to upload functionality) for Customers, Locations, and Users. This enables teams to more easily bulk edit profiles for their customers.


Infrastructure Stability Enhancements

We added additional server capacity in a separate location to enhance the overall stability and reliability of Relay and our mobile applications.


Additional Features Added

  • Teams can now decide if they want Issues to automatically de-dupe and merge for phone calls and inbound emails or if they want every inbound to create a separate distinct Issue. The dedupe is based on the time between new inbound communications.
  • PDF conversation transcripts from private chat rooms on Issues are now saved on an Issue when the Issue is closed.
  • We updated our APIs to include technology objects to enable teams to bulk add/remove/edit/lookup technologies on Customer Locations.


Any questions? Chat us in Relay and we would be happy to help!

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