Relay Release Notes: July 2018

By July 17, 2018Product Updates

As we continue to work on our new user interface we launched a beta site so we can get early feedback. We have a few hundred users live on the new interface and have received some great early feedback. We will continue to distribute the link and are on track for a full cutover in September. If you want the beta link to test it out, let us know!

In addition to the work on the new interface, we launched a number of new features in July:

Enhanced SMS Integration

In addition to providing support via SMS, organizations are now able to update their SMS integration with Relay to:

  • Automatically create tickets for every inbound SMS (to enhance the Smart Inbox capabilities by providing one queue regardless of the channel)
  • Send proactive outbound SMS welcome messages when new customers are added to Relay

 Relay SMS Integration

webConnect Integration and Message Pop Up:

Teams can now create a webConnect URL with the correct routing and bots with a single click and no need to embed the code snippet. This integration can be set up under Teams -> Integrations -> Add. This streamlined integration is fully customizable like the embedded version.

Relay webConnect IntegrationTeams can now add a welcome message to their chat widget to get attention and drive engagement to chat.

Relay webConnect Pop Ups 

Phone API Updates

We have updated our phone API endpoints to include an optional search string delivered from an IVR interaction. This enables teams to send account IDs, MIDs, or other info into Relay to match against an account. Relay will automatically create Issues for the matched accounts on the correct profile when the call is answered. If there is no match, the Issue will be created with no Customer profile.


Bot Suggested Answers

When a customer uses language instead of buttons to find their answer, your Concierge Bot can now suggest multiple long-form knowledge base articles in addition to quick answers based on context and confidence matching. This will enable customers to more quickly find the answer they are looking for without navigating through too many workflows.


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