Relay Release Notes: August 2018

By August 16, 2018Product Updates
Relay Release Notes - August 2018

Most of the updates that we released in August are only available in the new Relay interface. If you don’t have access yet and want to test them out, please chat or email us and we’ll send you the Beta link. The new interface is likely to go live with the next release in September and we will send out more communication around the release once it gets scheduled.

This month we continued to focus on flexibility and customization for existing features in Relay. Let us know what you think and keep the feedback coming!

Knowledge Base

We added our MVP front-end interface for you host your own knowledge base articles internally or publically share them with your customers. The Relay Knowledge Base it directly integrated with your chatbots and articles can now be accessed via a self-service web portal or can be delivered conversationally via chatbots.

Each knowledge base article can be marked as public or private. If it is public, anyone can go to the URL and search for that knowledge base article. If it is private, you have to log in with your Relay email address to be able to access that article.

Chat Away Messages

In addition to setting hours of operations for each Team in your organization, you can also now switch a global toggle for available and away at the Team level. This is useful if a team is at an offsite, or generally unavailable at any given time.

When teams are not available, your bots will understand this state when trying to assign an Issue to that Team and respond accordingly. If the Team is marked as away, the bot can either reassign the Issue to a fallback team that is currently available (for example, a 24/7 team that is the after-hours back up for a 9-5 team), or the bot can still assign the Issue to that team and let the customer know that the team is currently not available and they will respond when they become available again.

Relay Away Message

Out of Office Setting for Relay Teams


Customizable System Alerts

Today Relay sends automated communication in the form of emails and SMS messages to customers at various stages of an Issue lifecycle (for example, when a field service agent is en route to a job or when a remote Issue has been resolved). With this release, we are launching a new messaging engine that will allow organizations to customize all outbound communication to their customers.

You will be able to add your own branding and update the templates however you would like. This is one of the first updates in an extensive line of upcoming features that will make Relay more customizable.  At first, you will be able to customize outbound email alerts to customers and in the near future we will extend this functionality to communications with additional parties (e.g. internal collaborators, vendors) and through additional channels (e.g. SMS, social).

This message customization can be found in Relay under Organizations -> Profiles -> Add in the left nav.

When you click the Add Template button, you can create custom alerts filtered by Type (e.g. support, work order) and Source (e.g. email, web chat) and you can set your triggers on Status changes (e.g. Issue moves to Resolved). You can edit the Subject and Body of the email template using text or any available tokens for increased personalization. There is also an option to switch between a standard text editor and an HTML editor for the email body so you can add custom formatting, images, signatures, or anything else you can think of!

Relay automated message customization


Time Tracking on Issues

In order for teams to better understand their utilization rates and average handle times by issue type, automatically tracking time spent on certain activities is critically important.

We have added an embedded feature to automatically track the amount time an agent actively spends on a ticket without having to manually enter the data. This data will be captured via a visible timer on the ticket, in the log notes, and also on the Insights tab in your reports.

This timer will be present on the issue next to the status on the issue edit window:

Relay Issue Timer


Relay Desktop Downloadable App

With this release, you are now able to download Relay on Windows as an application instead of only accessing it through a web browser. This is a signed windows installer and will install with just a few clicks. The new downloadable app will reduce any browser-based limitations and enhance certain experiences such as real-time push notifications. The data will continue to sync in real time with all browsers.

You can opt to download just the messaging panel for simple messaging and communications if you integrate Relay with a separate CRM or you can download the full application. Please reach out to us for the download link.

Relay App Download


Customizable Data Tags

Every organization has a unique way of tracking and tagging their tickets. With this release, Relay tags for the Equipment & Support fields will be available to customize for each organization. Machine Learning will still be applied to customized tags. Group Admins permission will be required to update the tags under System -> Tags. Custom tags for Relay fields


Dispatching Workflow Updates

We updated the workflows for organizations that build and manage their own networks of field service agents. New permission settings have been expanded to allow organizations more flexibility around accessing and viewing specific technician profiles. We also made some simple UI changes that streamline the dispatching processes.

Along with the dispatching workflow, the entire experience in Relay was improved by adding features and correcting these notable bugs:

  1. Your Issues are now displayed correctly within Unclaimed and Mine queues
  2. Group admins are now more easily able to edit their team members permissions
  3. The steps to complete billing on Work Orders for has been refined and optimized


Collapsed Messaging Panel

We added a new collapsed menu view so you can minimize the right-side messaging panel and still get alerted to new Issues, chats, and notifications as they come in. Clicking on any headers will expand the panel to the default state.

Relay collapsed messaging panel


Downloadable Insight Reports

We added the ability to pdf, save and download your Insight reports from Relay. Note that you may need to adjust the layout settings before printing for best results.

Download Insights from Relay


And that’s it for August! You’ll be hearing from us more in the next few weeks as we gear up to make the transition to the new Relay interface. Let us know if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for future updates.


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