Relay Release Notes: April 2018

By April 26, 2018Product Updates
Relay April 2018 Release Notes

The bulk of April was spent on some major chatbot enhancements. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can build a chatbot platform that enables you to deliver exceptional B2B support. It goes way beyond just basic FAQs that standard B2C chatbots address and we take all those factors into consideration. Our experience supporting businesses directly has greatly influenced these decisions.

In addition to bot updates, we made enhancements to new communication channels and released the first piece of our major Relay design overhaul!

Here’s a complete list of this month’s release: 

Chatbot Enhancements

Relay Concierge BotRelay Knowledge BotRelay Melody Bot


When customers interact with chatbots, they often use short words or phrases and it can be challenging to decipher the intent of that customer.

To solve this, we gave bots the ability to provide additional suggested topics after providing an answer to help guide them towards additional resources that may be helpful.

For example, if your technology has 20 topics related to printer troubleshooting and someone just types, “printer”, the bot will deliver the most popular topic, but then provide some suggested answers for others that may be helpful.

Relay suggested answers sample

This feature is automated and can be configured via the Code Configuration accordion of the Edit Bot window.

For example, if you set the Maximum Number of Classifications field to 10 then the bot will show the most likely answer plus up to 9 related topics for a total of up to 10 topics.

Relay chatbot suggested answers


Bot Analytics

I’m personally very excited about this update. While this will be a never-ending story since it’s so critical, we have laid a great foundation for detailed and insightful chatbot analytics that allow bot builds to refine their chatbots with precision.

Mico-analytics are now built into the Edit Bot window to allow Bot Builders to get a better feel for the performance of a bot.

The Performance grid shows each message sent to the bot along with details such as the bot’s response, the room it occurred in, a thumbs up or thumbs down rating from the user, timestamp, etc.

Relay chatbot analytics page 2

The Issues Resolved grid shows each Issue that the bot joins via webConnect or Connect, the ID of the Issue, whether it self-resolved the Issue (Automated) or helped with the Issue resolution (Semi-Automated), the Org the Issue falls under, the Customer, the Bot answer that helped resolve the Issue if applicable, and a hyperlink to the PDF of the Issue transcript to easily view the entire conversation.

Relay Chatbot analytics product release

Chatbots & Knowledge Base Integration

Bots are great for fast and concise answers, but they often fall short when it comes to delivering long-form detailed content. This often happens with complex troubleshooting or configuration issues.

Our bots now have the ability to display basic KB Articles that are created in Relay to users in both Relay and webConnect.

These long-form public knowledge bases also have URLs that can be shared externally with customers. 

  • You can also add Child Articles (sub-articles) to a KB Article to create category hierarchies for easy management.
  • KB Articles marked as Public are visible to everyone in Relay and come with an external URL that can be shared to users who need to access the article outside of Relay.
  • KB Articles marked as Internal are only visible to members of the defined Owner Org and KB Articles marked as Protected are only visible to the Owner Org and any other Orgs specified in the Orgs picklist.
  • To add a new KB Article a user must have the Edit KB permission, but users can edit an existing KB Article without that permission if they’re a member of that article’s defined Owner Org.
  • In the future, KB Articles will be completely integrated with the bots and organizations can simply create their KBs in Relay and the bots will automatically be able to pull answers from the KB during conversations.

Relay Chatbot Long Form Knowledge

Relay Knowledge Base

Relay Public Knowledge Base

Knowledge Bots Can Change Issue Owners

This functionality previously existed with the Concierge Bots but has been expanded to include Knowledge Bots to help accommodate complex chatbot landscapes.

Relay Bot Team Reassignment

Intelligent Multi-Message Response Timing

We have allowed bot responses that are split up into multiple messages to be displayed in a more natural manner like our typical everyday conversations. To can easily add typing delays to responses.

In the Code Configuration accordion of the Edit Bot window, you can specify that a bot waits X seconds per 100 characters to send the next message in a multi-message response. This will allow the user time to read through the first response before the next response gets invoked and moves to the bottom (first) position in the chat panel

Relay chatbot delayed resposnes


Relay Web Chat (WebConnect) Update

Design Update

We updated the webConnect UI to a modern theme in line with the upcoming Relay design overhaul coming next month. Based on feedback, the updated design includes modern elements for login form, chat bubbles, chat composer, buttons, typing indicator, and a new notification banner.

New Relay Web Chat Design

See the full Relay webConnect Design Update.

webConnect Notification Banner

Teams often want to send messages to their customers in more engaging ways.

We launched a simple notification bar within the web chat panel to passively display messages without being too in-your-face.

Relay Webconnect Notification Bar

These notifications are created in Relay and displayed to webConnect users. The notification banners are displayed based on inclusion criteria for the Org Team associated with the webConnect session and can display multiple notifications on a randomized interval.

The user has the ability to close the notification for the remainder of the webConnect session.



LINE App Integration Enhancement

The LINE App integration has been updated for a smoother omnichannel experience.

We added the following updates to initial launch last month:

1) Added a LINE source so you can track how many messages you are getting from customers on LINE. Each ticket is tagged with the Line avatar for easy reference.

Line Integration Ticket

2) When a conversation starts from LINE, we have enabled auto-reply so the responses automatically send back to LINE with no additional work.

3) Added ability to accept attachments (pictures, voice messages, pdf files) from LINE App to Relay.


Relay Sense (fka Onsite Intelligence)

We added three check types to Relay Sense to provide increased analytics and insights for network and technology monitoring.

  • Self-update Check: This check allows Relay Sense to check for its own version updates and to then update itself.
  • DLNA Check: This check expands our device detection capabilities on the local network.
  • Traceroute Scan: This scan diagnosis’s the Wide Area Network (WAN) route between the app/client and the cloud server to determine possible outages & degraded services.



We added support for Japanese multi-byte character encoding. This will enable the Relay database to store Japanese & other double-byte languages in the future.

Enabled Relay users to create members, locations, technicians and add Issue notes in Japanese.

French will be available next month.


Web Scheduler Updates

We fixed a small bug that was preventing teams from self-scheduling events using the web scheduler. Teams now have increased flexibility to assign tickets to various members of their own teams.

Relay web scheduler configuration update


Mobile App Updates

Toolbox iOS

Toolbox iOS 2.3 has been submitted to the app store. Following are the bugs/updates made in this release.

  1. Fixed a bug where new job notifications did not get displayed on the home screen in certain scenarios
  2. Back button press from hyperlinks in Scope of work will route the user to the correct screen.
  3. Fixed a bug related to the missing chat history in the technician public chatroom
  4. Added user avatars in the chatrooms
  5. Reduced sensitivity on the chat bubbles so the scrolling on the chat does not create @mentions
  6. Removed Add Job button to reduce technician confusion.
  7. Fixed a bug where the chat in the issue goes to issue private chatrooms instead of technician public chatroom
  8. Fixed scroll issue on checklists, items and notes
  9. Fixed a bug where signature on the closeout page became blur after clicking save button.
  10. Added photo upload on the top right corner menu so it is available across all stages of issue and not just closeout
  11. Added fields for technician to update banking information.
  12. Added counter on the Jobs menu.


Connect iOS

Connect iOS will be released to the app store tomorrow. Following updates are made in this version

  1. Added front camera option in the video chat
  2. Added the functionality where group admin customer users will be able to view and create issues for all the locations under the customer
  3. Improved chat stability and UX of chat buttons


Connect Android

Connect Android will be released to the Play store next week. We Added IT Footprint and device capture capabilities to bring the Android app at par with the iOS version.


Bugs/Minor Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where Terminal Activation Issues were not appearing in the Unclaimed queue due to Issue Type getting cleared.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to open an Issue from the notification did not always take the user to the specific Issue screen.
  • Updated email functionality to add additional flexibility around sending and receiving emails from Relay


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