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Relay Wallboards

Oversee your daily jobs from one easy-to-manage wallboard

Wallboards are a great new addition to the management suite of support products we offer.

We just launched two distinct wallboards to easily keep track of your remote support operations as well as your field service operations.


Remote Support

Managing a contact center is not easy and it’s critical to keep a close eye on all your KPIs to ensure you are surpassing the SLAs you have in place.

Our remote support wallboard allows you to do just that.

You can view the performance of each individual agent across both chat and phone channels as well as the overall performance by Team.

By Agent

Boomtown Wallboards - Agents

By Team

Boomtown Wallboard - Remote Support - Partner

All stats are updated in real time so you have up to the second information on the current standing of your contact center.


Field Services

Whether you manage one or hundreds of jobs per day across a single field agent or thousands, it’s important to have quick and easy oversight on all your jobs.

To ensure your jobs are on schedule, we have created a wallboard that shows all the important details of today’s jobs without providing too much information.

Relay Wallboard - Field Services

As you can see, jobs are sorted by status so you can ensure your field agents are checking in on time and the job is progressing. As the jobs progress, the status automatically updates in real time so you can focus only on what requires your attention.

Putting them to use

At Boomtown we have these wallboards shared on big screens in the office all day so the team can easily oversee the jobs for each day.

Combine the real-time updates on the big screen wallboard with the details you can pull from Relay and you have all the tools you need to execute on all the services that you deliver.

Is there anything else you would want to see on these wallboards? Let us know!

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