Real Time View of Field Agents

Activity Map

On a map, in real time

If you dispatch your own field agents, or even just want to follow along when other teams dispatch field agents on your behalf, now you can track the field agentsĀ on a map as they drive to the location. Knowing exactly where your agents are and when they will arrive at the location helps you better manage customer expectations and create an overall better experience.

Introducing the field services activity map.

The activity map shows all jobs that are approaching or currently in progress on a single map view.

Field Services Activity Map

When a technician is on their way to a job, you can track real-time progress of their driving status so you know exactly how far out they are and when the technician will arrive.

Field Services Agent Tracking

You can click on the business location (blue icon) to get more details about the business. You can also click on the field agent (truck) to get details not only about the agent, but also about the Issue that they are going to complete, with quick links to the detailed Issue view.


Field Services - Issue Details

Hopefully you enjoy this new view and if you have any feedback we would love to hear it!

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