Onsite Intelligence

Network monitoring tied directly to your support platform

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to share with you the next evolution in Boomtown’s premium support offerings – Onsite Intelligence.

Onsite Intelligence is a network monitoring solution that allows you to monitor all devices that are on that network and automatically create alerts and Issues when they go offline. The Onsite Agent is the secure, passive, and compact device that plugs directly into the router to analyze the network.

With this level of IT insight, you now have the ability to provide proactive support to your customers instead of always being reactive to your customers’ problems. You can tell them that their printer has gone offline before it even interrupts their business operations. Imagine the possibilities.

Endless customization

With Onsite Intelligence, you can customize the IT footprint to exactly what you want to monitor. Each device can be tagged with a critical status of low, medium and high, which dictates the type of proactive alerts and notifications that will be sent out.

A non-critical device will not create alerts. A medium critical device will send push alerts via Connect to the customer when a device goes offline. And a high critical device will automatically create a ticket in Relay for your team to call down to the merchant to help troubleshoot the issue.

Device Tracking

With Onsite Intelligence you are able to get a better insight into all the technology that a customer uses for their business, not just what you sell and support. The benefit of this is that it not only helps you identify when the network goes down or your technology is offline, but it also identifies devices that are hogging bandwidth on the network that could impact the performance of your own technology.

The device automatically discovers and names every device on a network to create detailed network maps right inside Relay.

Onsite Intelligence Network Mapping


To make it easier to oversee the networks for all your customers, you get access to detailed pre-built dashboards to monitor the health of these networks. These dashboards display information such as network health, device status, bandwidth hogs, speed tests, historical performance trends and more.

Onsite Intelligence - Managed Devices

Onsite Intelligence - Bandwidth Performance

Compliance Intelligence

With insight into firewalls and active devices on a network, we have also built the functionality to automatically capture PCI SAQ data and pre-populate 80% of the SAQ forms for a merchant. This eliminates hours of manual data entry for your customers and ensures that they remain PCI compliant.

Our system can capture the proper device data and generate a PDF ready to be finalized and signed by the merchant.

Want to learn more about Onsite Intelligence? Download the Boomtown Intelligence One-Pager or contact us to get the full spec sheet.

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