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By December 20, 2016Product Updates, Relay

Stay in the loop without drowning in noise

Messaging platforms can be great and lead to significant efficiency gains, but they can also become too noisy and cause unneeded distractions.

As a business that is always striving to create efficiencies, we aim to find the delicate balance between too much communication that causes distractions and not enough communications so people fall out of the loop.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to provide notifications through a combination of channels, depending on the type and importance of the notification. Urgent notifications that require thoughtful responses should be sent via email, but real-time quick updates that are just a heads up should arrive via push notification – either on mobile or desktop.

All that being said, no two people are alike and what is too much communication for one person may be not enough for someone else.

Customizing your own preferences

In order to create the appropriate balance of notifications, we created a customizable notification panel that enables each user to tailor their messaging preferences to their likings. They can select when they want to receive notifications (e.g. job scheduled vs new chat received) as well as the channel where they want to receive it (e.g. email vs push notification).

To set up your own customized notification settings, click on your name in the top right of Relay and select My Profile

Relay My Profile

Scroll down to the bottom of your Profile where you will find the Alerts & Notifications section. This is where you can customize your preferred communication channel by each notification type.

You can have chat mentions come through as emails and unclaimed Issues be presented in a push notification. It’s up to you.

Relay Alerts & Notifications

If you choose not to customize your own notification settings, you will inherit the notification settings that are configured on each Team that you are on. Some important teams like your Customer Service team may have all notifications turned on while others, such as internal bot rooms, may be silent.

Are there more notification options that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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