Creating a bot is a team effort

Chatbots are currently in such high demand that platforms are coming out that allow anyone, with or without technical skills, to create fully functional chatbots. At Boomtown, we’ve taken our own unique approach to this idea of simple chatbot creation by creating what we refer to as a Melody Bot. A Melody Bot allows teams to easily collaborate towards building a chatbot that helps promote better efficiency and knowledge sharing. Not only does a Melody Bot require no technical skills to create, but it can it set up within a chatroom by simply messaging it and following a series of intuitive commands.

Melody Bot Conversation

As easy as asking a question

So how exactly does a Melody Bot work? Well first off, any user asks a Melody Bot a question by using a # to message the bot directly. A Melody Bot will not respond to any questions unless it is referenced with its # name (for example, #CustomerServiceBot). This allows humans to freely communicate with one another in a chatroom and only bring in a Melody Bot when needed. If a Melody Bot doesn’t know the answer to a question, it will let the asker know and allow them to provide an answer by just clicking the ‘Answer’ button and responding with the answer as shown in the screenshot above.

If a Melody Bot thinks it already knows the answer to a question, it will provide the answer along with a number of additional possible actions for the user.

  1. Modify – this allows you to modify the existing answer and save it for future use
  2. Accept – accept the answer as-is and publish it to a public chat room (for example, where you are currently chatting with a customer) for more eyes to see
  3. Personalize – edit the answer that the bot gave prior to publishing the updated answer to a public chat room
  4. New Answer – tell the Melody Bot to create a brand new question and answer combo if what was asked happened to be similar but not quite the same as the existing question. You can even change the keywords associated with a question, which determines what user queries trigger that question and answer from a Melody Bot in the future.

Knowledge sharing is one of the biggest challenges teams of all sizes face. Melody Bots provide a straightforward and user-friendly means for a team to collaborate towards building a consolidated knowledge base so answers to critical questions can be found promptly, regardless of the availability of the original human knowledge owner. Start improving your team’s efficiency and knowledge sharing capabilities by using Boomtown’s chat platform with the aid of a Melody Bot.

What about permissions?

If you want the team to collaborate with a Melody Bot, but don’t necessarily want everyone on your team changing answers at any time, that’s no problem. You can set custom permissions based on the button to ensure only the right people are adding and editing questions within the Melody Bot.

Want to set up a Melody Bot in your own chat rooms? Just message us in Relay and we’ll set one up for you in a few minutes.

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