Leveraging Customer Data to Provide Better Support

By November 15, 2017Relay

It’s All About the Customer

In almost any line of business the more you know about a customer, the more you can help them. This is especially true when it comes to providing support to brick-and-mortar technologies at small businesses all over the world.

We’ve recently made enhancements to better focus the Boomtown software on customer data to further improve this support experience. History has always been known to repeat itself so doesn’t it make sense to have as much customer history and data readily accessible in a tense troubleshooting environment where mere seconds of downtime equates to lost revenue?

Location… Location… Location…

When you open up an issue in Relay, the first thing you see is data related to that particular customer location. Links to that location’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yelp pages are easily accessible for further information gathering.

Boomtown's Issue Modal in Relay.

Boomtown’s Issue Modal in Relay.


Site History Always Just a Click Away

What better way to troubleshoot an issue than to have access to the entire support history for that location just a couple of mouse clicks away?

When you open up an issue in Relay, this is always the case. This site history can be used to identify trends from past issues at this customer location that may help connect the dots on the root cause of present and future issues.

Viewing Site History from the Issue Modal in Relay.

Viewing Site History from the Issue Modal in Relay.


Support Ecosystems

Several organizations play an integral role in supporting a customer. Let’s face it, customers are going to have several different pieces of technology, and these technologies are going to come from various providers. Don’t forget that we haven’t even factored in the payment processors yet.

On the home screen of the Issue Modal in Relay, there’s an interactive map that shows all of the organizations and teams in the customer’s support ecosystem. In the future, support agents will be able to use this interactive map to pull different organizations and teams directly into chats within Relay. At Boomtown, we’re taking support collaboration to newfound heights.

Viewing Customer Ecosystems from the Issue Modal in Relay.

Viewing Customer Ecosystems from the Issue Modal in Relay.


Have you used Relay before? If not then you need to see for yourself just how big of an impact it can have on the success of your support services. For existing users, we hope the newly revamped Issue Modal further improves your ability to provide support through the Boomtown software, and would love to hear your feedback on these new features.