Facebook ‘Get Support’ Button: Create Relay Issues in Facebook

By January 15, 2018Business Support
Facebook 'Get Support' Button: Create Relay Issues in Facebook

With the popularity of Facebook Messenger and the recent trend towards the use of Messenger-based chatbots to provide basic business support, it is clear that Facebook is going to have a substantial stake in the future of how we ask businesses for help. At Boomtown, we recently took our existing Facebook Messenger-to-Boomtown Chat integration to the next level with the ‘Get Support’ button.

See Facebook Chats in Relay

With the current Facebook Messenger-to-Boomtown Chat integration, you can keep track of messages users send to your organization’s Facebook via your Relay support inbox. You can route other support channels such as SMS Text to this same Relay support inbox so your support team can rest easy knowing they need to monitor just a single chat window for inbound customer messages.

Create Relay Issues in Facebook

With the new ‘Get Support’ button, users can create Relay Issues from your organization’s Facebook page or Facebook Messenger. Upon clicking the ‘Get Support’ button, the user will be directed to the page shown below with a welcome message and will be asked to provide Issue details. The logo and the buttons on this page are customizable and can be updated based on your organization.

'Get Support' Button in Facebook.

‘Get Support’ Button in Facebook.


This ‘Get Support’ button can also be embedded within a Facebook Messenger chat as well allowing users to create issues without having to leave their chat session. Any message sent to the Relay chat room of an Issue created with this ‘Get Support’ button will appear to the requesting user in Facebook Messenger so they can easily keep track of their issue.

Interested in more integrations? We integrate with several of the most popular support-related software platforms on the market today to ensure your users have the best support experience possible. To learn about our other integrations click here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for reach out to us and we may be able to create a custom integration just for your organization’s needs.

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