Email in Relay

Inbound and outbound emails right from your existing chat window

We’re excited to announce that email is now a support channel in the boomtown support platform.

And the best part? Emails not only come into the same queue as chats, but they go into the same conversation!

Take a look:

When you’re chatting with a partner, vendor or customer from the chat room, you can seamlessly send an email with an /email command and the conversation moves from chat to email without changing platforms.

Email Support in Chat

When someone responds to that email, it will appear in the messaging panel just like a chat would. You will see the email avatar and you can click on it to open a full window with a rich text editor to reply to the email.

Email Support

You can also now set up dedicated email handles to automatically create tickets in Relay.

To do this, first create the dedicated email inbox (e.g. Note that you shouldn’t use this email for anything else if you are integrating it with Relay.

Next, navigate to the Team that will be providing the support. Open that Team and click on the Integrations Tab and click Add.

Add both the Email Inbox Monitoring and the Email Private Labeling integrations. This will allow you to both receive the email as a ticket in the inbox and also send emails from that dedicated email inbox that you set up.

Email Integration

Input the required information and you’re ready to go!

Test it out by sending an email to that dedicated support email address. If the email is already in the system it will recognize the email and automatically append the new Issue onto that Member Profile. If it’s a new email address, it will create a new Member profile.

Questions? Let us know!

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