Boomtown’s Device Support Bots

By October 28, 2017Bots

A Remote Support Agent’s Best Friend

Supporting brick and mortar business technologies (Point-of-Sales, card readers, network components, etc.) is no easy task. To begin with, you’re dealing with a merchant that is likely very frustrated that the issue is impacting their ability to serve their customers. In this instance, time truly is money.

At Boomtown, we’re creating an army of automated chatbots designed for the sole purpose of supporting the troubleshooting process for these devices. Happy support agents lead to happy merchants who ultimately lead to satisfied customers. Everyone wins when these chatbots are effective.

Bot-Assisted Remote Support

Providing remote support for said technologies is not only challenging in itself but is daunting to scale.

The reason for this is that there are so many variables that could contribute to the root cause of an issue. The device itself, model #, software version, network configuration, and more play a vital role in troubleshooting these problems.

There are plenty of situations when a ticket comes in and the agent that has previously resolved a similar issue is busy so the ticket goes to a new agent. What happens if that new agent doesn’t know that one of their team members has dealt with the issue in the past and starts troubleshooting from scratch? Time is wasted and the merchant support experience suffers.

When it comes to providing optimal support on these devices, having this knowledge consolidated in a place where an entire team can easily find it is vital.

Boomtown Device Chatbots

Answers at your fingertips

Boomtown’s device support chatbots allow a team of support agents to quickly access the knowledge needed to take complicated issues to resolution. We’re continuously working to update these device-specific chatbots based on the data and trends that are available from the Boomtown platform.

When knowledge sharing like this occurs, everyone in the industry ends up winning. And the best part of all? These chatbots are going to continue to get smarter and smarter as more data becomes available.

Currently, Boomtown has automated chatbots to support the Verifone Vx520, Poynt Smart Terminal, iMobile3 POS, and Dejavoo Terminal. We can also create custom chatbots to help automate any aspect of your internal organization upon request.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use our Melody Bot or Visual Chatbot Editor to give chatbot creation your own shot.

So what are you waiting for? Give our chatbots a chance and see for yourself how this sort of automation and knowledge consolidation can revolutionize your support services and make scaling a support team easier than ever.