Device Dictionary & Predictive Outcomes

By November 2, 2017Product Updates

Data is the Future

When it comes to brick-and-mortar technologies (Point-of-Sales, card readers, network components, etc.) what arguably has the most significant impact on improving the way we support them? You might be surprised to hear that data is the answer to that. Well, actually data with the help of a collaborative enterprise software platform like Boomtown would be the most accurate answer.

How Boomtown Uses Data

At Boomtown, we’re building machine learning capabilities designed to take the data our system collects from partners and merchants all over the world and use it to improve the way we prevent and support issues analytically. One of the core components of these capabilities is the Device Dictionary.

What is the Device Dictionary?

Well, it’s actually a lot like the name sounds. It’s a single point of reference for each device reference in the Boomtown platform. So why exactly is this important? By being able to tie all of our data back to a single device record, we can use our machine learning to identify device trends analytically.

Boomtown’s Device Dictionary.


Real Life Use Case

As an example, we can use our extensive library of issue-related data to identify device mixes that are more problematic. Yes, that’s right, we can know ahead of time which issues are most likely to occur with a certain Point-of-Sale and its associated peripheral such as a printer.

Next Level of Chatbot Automation

In case you haven’t already heard, at Boomtown we take support to the next level with our automated device support chatbots. The goal is to use the Device Dictionary to know precisely what device(s) a merchant has when they swipe in from the Connect app for support. This allows the merchant to enter a chatroom in which they’re immediately interacting with one of these automated chatbots specifically designed to support their device(s). No more back-and-forth figuring out what device(s) the merchant has or doesn’t have.

What’s Next?

In the tech support world seconds are critical, and in this case, we’re talking about potentially saving minutes. The best part of all is that we’ve only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the support capabilities of the Device Dictionary when paired with Boomtown’s proprietary machine learning and our continuously expanding library of data. With Boomtown, the future of tech support is brighter than ever.

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