Connect App Update – 3.3

Connect Update v3.3

A new name, picture in video, emoticons, buttons, and full-screen calling


Connect for iOS and Android has been updated with some great new communication features for both the customer and the support team.


First, a new name

We updated the name of the app in the app stores. It is now ‘Connect – Live Support‘ (the old name was Connect! – Tech Support for Businesses). The new name better represents the private labeled experience of the app and the broader scope of uses we’ve seen past just technical support.


Snap a picture in a video session

When a customer is in a video chat, they now have the ability to snap a picture from the video session via a new button on the right side of the screen (see below). If the customer chooses to save the image, it will save to their mobile device and can then be shared with anyone via chat in Connect or through any other channel.

Boomtown Connect Update Connect Snap a Picture



Who doesn’t love emojis!? They offer a great way to quickly express an emotion – good or bad – with a single tap. When you send emoticons via Relay they will now translate into chat in Connect and vice versa :).

Connect emoticons


Full-screen call notifications

To facilitate video communication between customers and support teams, we have made it easier to call down to your customers via Relay and ensure that your communications are seen. When a video chat is initiated, a full-screen incoming call notification will appear and make it easy to quickly accept the call and join the video session.

Connect Full Screen Calls


Chat button support

Our concierge bots can respond with buttons instead of just text in order to provide visual guidance to customers and make it easier for people to quickly respond.  Buttons on mobile are especially helpful as they save a lot of time when you only have to tap an answer instead of typing on a small keyboard. These buttons are now available via Connect chat.

Connect chat buttons


Download the latest version of Connect





Are there other updates that you would like to see in Connect? Let us know!