Chatbots with Manners: Introducing Multi-Bot Chat Rooms

By November 22, 2017Bots

More Bots? No Problem

At Boomtown, we’re all about building technology that helps provide the best support experience possible. We listen to our users, understand their pain points, and design our software with that feedback in mind. We recently made significant strides with our chatbot platform to better aid remote support agents that utilize these bots.

Most notably, we’ve added the capability for multiple bots to listen and play nicely in a single chatroom. Yes, that’s right, you can interact with numerous chatbots without having to worry about the wrong bot rudely cutting in and interrupting your conversation with the correct bot.

Chatting with multiple bots in Relay.

Chatting with multiple bots in Relay.


How Does it Work?

This functionality is easy to set up from a user perspective. Just specify a priority keyword(s) for each chatbot, so it knows when a user’s question is directed towards it. For example, if you have a bot designed to support the Poynt Smart Terminal then you would just need to set ‘Poynt’ as the priority keyword for that bot. Whenever a user sends a message containing the word ‘Poynt’ that chatbot would be the first to assess whether or not it has a suitable answer and respond accordingly. Meanwhile, the other chatbots politely remain quiet in the background.

One-Stop Shop for Device Support

By incorporating advanced prioritization aka “manners” into our chatbots, we’ve eliminated the need for a remote support agent to have to switch between multiple chat rooms when using bots to support different devices.

While this may seem trivial at first, we’re talking about stressful support environments in which seconds matter. As we “botify” support for more and more devices, this subtle improvement will save support agents hundreds of clicks each day and ultimately lead to faster issue resolution and more satisfied customers.

Our chatbots really do have manners.

Our chatbots really do have manners.


Have you tried our chatbots yet? If not, you should give them a shot and see for yourself how much more efficient they can make your support team. If you have tried our chatbots, we’d love to hear from you and encourage you to reach out with any feedback you may have.