Bringing More Communication Channels Together

By October 8, 2018Product Updates
Relay omnichannel comm selector

Every year there are more and more channels through which people communicate.

Phone, email, text message, video chat, social media, messaging platforms, and many more. As these channels become mainstream among consumers, they tend to get used for business communications as well.

If you can text your friends to ask when you’re meeting them for dinner, why can’t you text a business to make that dinner reservation? Well, you can. And when you do, it’s a great experience. Assuming the business responds.

The only issue is that the business needs to be able to manage conversations coming from all sorts of communication channels. Now they don’t just have to monitor an email inbox, but also a text message inbox, their phone, and all their various social media profiles. And their customers expect a real-time response.

The only answer is to bring all these communication channels into one place. This makes it easy to provide customers with the convenience of being able to communicate with you wherever they are while delivering the responsiveness they expect.

Relay makes this problem go away with true omnichannel communication. All channels come into a single inbox and a unified conversation for support teams.

Relay Hero Image

A conversation can start over website chat or SMS and easily continue over email from the same window.

This makes true omnichannel support a breeze. You don’t have to go one place for chats, another for email and yet another for phone and SMS messages. Bring them all together and seamlessly switch between them with a single click.

Relay Communication Channel Selector

Now you can toggle between chat, email, SMS, voice, video, facebook and Line even easier than before!

A single click will change the outbound channel and the conversation will be unified for your support team. You can message your customers through channels you already have saved on their profile or you can type in their contact information and add a new channel.

In addition to easily changing communication channels, you can also add log notes directly from the chat panel. This reduces the number of places you need to navigate to and allows you to manage all your communications right through the message composer window.

Relay comm channel buttonsWant to try it out? Log into Relay and check it out for yourself.

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