Automated FAQ Answers: No Humans. Just Chatbots

Automated FAQ Answers: No Humans. Just Chatbots

Don’t waste your talented support agents on your basic FAQs

The 80/20 rule as it pertains to support and customer service, signifies the fact that 80% of your customer’s support tickets are likely to come from 20% of the potential causes. This is the backbone of why organizations have those pesky FAQs that seem to never go away.

In many cases, these FAQs are simple and an inconvenience to your talented support agents that are ready to tackle your customers’ most daunting questions and problems. Chatbots provide the perfect opportunity to automate the answering of these FAQs, so your best support agents aren’t stuck answering these nagging questions.

This is how your tech support agents probably look when answering your organization's basic FAQs. Fortunately, chatbots can help!


Let the Boomtown Chatbots answer your organization’s FAQs

Not only can the Boomtown chatbots tackle your basic FAQs but they can probably do so better than your support agents. Our chatbots can present intuitive button-based menus that make it easy for your customers to find the answers to their FAQs. Just a few clicks and boom! Question answered and no human intervention required.

Meanwhile, your support agents are efficiently tackling your customers’ most challenging struggles. Not only is this great for the morale of your support team but the cost-savings from this boost in efficiency is an added bonus you best not overlook.

Want your tech support agents to look like this? Let the Boomtown chatbots automate the answers to your customers' FAQs.


From ticket to resolution, the Boomtown Chatbots can do it all

The Boomtown Chatbots can not only provide answers to your customers’ FAQs, but they can also close out the tickets so they never even bother the attention of your support agents. After the customer confirms the successful answering of their FAQ, they head straight to a rating screen provides them with an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on their experience.

If the customer has a poor experience, you’ll know about it and have the ammunition you need to make improvements. With the Boomtown Chatbots, there’s no excuse for providing a subpar support experience when it comes to answering your customers’ FAQs.


The Boomtown Chatbots have everything it takes to handle your tech support FAQs from ticket inception to resolution.

Have you used the Boomtown Chatbots yet? If not, we’d love to give you a demo and show you just how powerful they can be when integrated with your support offering. If you have used our chatbots already, we’d gladly welcome any feedback you may have. The future of support is here. Get onboard.

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