November 2018



  • Ability to snooze Issues and have them return to your queue at a specific time
  • You are now able to send custom customer feedback surveys via email and SMS in addition to capturing them at the end of chat sessions
  • We merged the Category and Support fields into one tag-based field called Categories
  • We built the foundation to a more suggestive prediction engine on Issues to suggest probable root cause, troubleshooting steps and resolutions
  • A number of small updates to saved files, navigation, Issue cloning, checklists, and more


  • Updated device monitoring configuration to streamline onboarding by simplifying the available fields
  • Re-labeled  the Priority field to be more intuitive
  • Moved unmonitored devices to an OK status to reduce false alarms
  • Added a filter to the top of the configuration page to quickly review all technologies

October 2018


  • Launched a communication channel selector on the Issue conversation panel that enables agents to quickly toggle between communication channels with a customer
  • Streamlined the dispatching workflow to reduce clicks and make it faster to dispatch the best field service agent
  • Added native email aliases for each Team in Relay to simplify email support setup and reduce the dependency on IMAP integrations
  • Updated knowledge base to have persistent search bars and shorter URLs
  • Finalized platform localization in Spanish and Japanese
  • Updated dropdowns to alphabetical order
  • Added colors to checklists to show the status (red = required, green = completed, none=rest)
  • Increased refresh rates on Smart Inbox for faster updates
  • Updated global search UI to make it more prominent and enhanced the search algorithm
  • Updated email integration to accept links in Relay in addition to files
  • Added ability to automatically cancel abandoned phone calls so it skips the unclaimed queue
  • Added API for Single Sign On to Relay
  • Added DLNA and Traceroute scans
  • Added ability to identify and surface the internet service provider name in Relay
  • Updated the Location Insights dashboard to surface more information from the new scan

September 2018


  • The new Relay Beta is now live! You will now log into Relay from app.thinkrelay.com.

August 2018


  • Teams can now manually override their status to set themselves as away to trigger their bot away messages
  • Added a customizable messaging engine so teams can set up trigger emails based on certain actions in Relay (e.g. send custom closeout email)
  • Added a time tracker on each Issue to track the amount of active time an agent spends (based on that window being active)
  • You can now download Relay as a desktop application – you can download the full version or just the messaging panel
  • Increased flexibility to customize your data tags to suit your needs
  • Updated the field service agent dispatching workflow
  • You can now download your insights reports
  • We launched an MVP of our public knowledge base! Host your articles publically or keep them private.

July 2018


  • Added a pop-up screen to webConnect to drive more engagement to chat
  • Continued work on the new user interface, targeting a launch in mid-September
  • Added suggested answers for our Concierge Bots to provide additional topics related to the question asked
  • Enhanced SMS integration allowing for auto Issue creation and proactive outbound welcome messages
  • Streamlined webConnect integration to enable chat without embedding any code
  • Added APIs to add/edit/delete technologies from Customer profiles
  • Enhanced our phone APIs to enable text-based search from IVR inputs

June 2018


  • Enhanced Smart Inbox algorithm to automatically prioritize the most urgent Issues first
  • Updated email template branding for user alerts
  • Added autoresponders for inbound email support
  • New email templates and private label branding for outbound email support
  • Kicked off localization of Relay for Japan
  • Updated the knowledge base to allow for bulk edits
  • Added bulk edit functionality to the bulk uploader
  • Added a pdf transcript of the private chat room to the log of each Issue once it is resolved
  • Added more flexibility for bot->agent handoff based on availability
  • Added APIs to add/edit/delete technologies from Customer profiles
  • Continued work on our Connect UI overhaul to enhance automation through device detection using AR
  • Fixed a bug that was causing video on certain devices to crash the app

April 2018


  • Internationalization – Relay is now available in Japanese! French is coming next month.
  • We updated our web schedulers to provide increased flexibility to teams that schedule events
  • We enhanced our LINE app integration to include analytics, accept attachments, and auto-reply to the same channel from the chat panel
  • We added three new checks including 1) self-update version check, 2) DLNA check and 3) Traceroute scan
  • We updated our interface for webConnect to a more modern experience
  • A notification bar has been added to webConnect to passively alert customers of updates or new initiatives
  • We released a new version of Connect on iOS that fixed some small bugs and improved performance
  • We submitted version 2.3 to the app store that fixed a number of bugs to create a more seamless experience

March 2018


  • Added job-submission forms (checklists) for existing customers
  • Made significant progress on a major UI/UX overhaul of the platform. Great ready for a completely new Relay visual experience.
  • Minore bug fixes and other updates. See the full release here.
  • Added follow up bot responses from thumbs up / down engagements to personalize the experience
  • Thumbs up and down analytics tied back to overall bot analytics
  • Concierge Bots can now automatically resolve issues in a conversation even if a Knowledge Bot is not involved
  • Buttons are now highlighted after they have been clicked for easier conversation tracking
Connect on Smart Terminals
  • We pushed an updated version of Connect on Poynt (increased stability)
  • We launched Connect on Verifone Carbon!
Sense (fka Onsite Intelligence)
  • Updated notifications to include more human-friendly messages in the notes
  • We streamlined the agent training timeline so it will now go live immediately and continue to learn and train over time
  • Current agent scans include: device scans, wifi scans (SSID), wifi quality checks, ISP speed tests, local connectivity scans (ping and packet loss), notification triggers on critical devices going offline

February 2018


  • Dynamic bulk customer import update to increase flexibility and add technology tags
  • Ability to move Issues between Customers
  • Updated the REF-ID (Ticket ID) to be more user friendly (6 characters)
  • Updated the Technology Dictionary to include additional fields and data
  • Simplified the workflow to add a technology to an Issue
  • A number of minor bug fixes. See the entire release notes for full details

We added a host of analytics to our Insights functionality, including:

  • Technology and device-level analytics
  • Chatbot health and automated response feedback
  • Intra- and inter-source analytics (e.g. human vs bot chats)
  • Omnichannel reporting
  • More agent performance metrics
  • Connect users can now be tagged as location managers (Group Admin) so they can create Issues across locations
  • These Group Admin can also access the service history of each location

January 2018


  • Added visibility into every automated notification that gets sent to customers
  • Surfaced alerts and notifications in Connect from Onsite Intelligence
  • Launched device identification from Connect tied to Knowledge Bots
  • Updated a number of features related to email support
  • Added additional fields to task view for added efficiency
  • Modals can now be minimized throughout the platform to help with multi-tasking
  • Bots can now resolve Issues on their own!


Connect on Android
  • Snap a picture in video was added to Android
  • Emoticon support added so you can really express yourself on Connect chat 🙂
  • Full-screen call notifications were added to mimic the behavior of incoming calls if you’re in Connect and get a video request from Relay
  • Chat has been updated to support buttons so now customers can seamlessly chat with bots via buttons in addition to text-based responses
  • Added a user prompt when the ticket is canceled to minimize accidental cancelations
  • Added a slider on a video chat to show or hide the toggle buttons
  • General performance enhancements in addition to chat and video quality improvements
  • See it all in action here


Connect on Poynt
  • Fixed a bug where “Null Error” was being displayed on some Poynt devices
  • All other updates mentioned above were added to the Poynt build as well!


Connect on iOS
  • Added sketch functionality so a support agent can now draw on the screen to highlight objects
  • Added distance measurement as our first augmented reality feature so you can quickly measure the distance between two points. This will be extremely helpful for site surveys and project planning.


ToolBox on iOS
  • Sketch functionality has also been added to ToolBox for conversations with project managers
  • Distance measurement is also now available on ToolBox for easy data capture during site surveys


December 2017

A short month with the holidays, but here you go!


  • Email support channel update that includes rich formatting, enabling changes to the to/from/cc fields, and the inclusion of additional conversation context within Relay as well as in the email chain with the customer.
  • When responding to inbound communications from customers, the outbound message will now automatically send back to the channel it came from so you don’t need to choose the channel each time (e.g. if someone sends a text message, a response will automatically be sent back via text message).


  • Jira integration that enables Relay to post tickets from Relay to Jira.
  • Facebook ‘Get Support’ integration which allows customers to create support tickets in Relay from a businesses’ Facebook page.


  • Increased bot response time
  • Minor bug and UI updates

November 2017


  • Added keyboard and voice command shortcuts for common actions in Relay
  • Phone calls can now automatically create Issues in Relay and append to the correct customer profile
  • Assign Teams to be either Internal or External to streamline cross-organization collaboration
  • Subscribe to status change notifications to get an email update every time every time an Issue you’re involved with gets updated
  • Snap a picture within a video support session from within Relay and save it to the Issue
  • We laid the groundwork to translate Relay into Spanish and other languages
  • Added a rich-text WYSIWYG editor for Issue log notes
  • Small UI updates and bug fixes




  • Launched a new bot that gathers information from a customer (such as name, business name, email, SMS, etc.) during a conversation and appends it to their customer profile
  • Enabled Issue Diagnosis Bots to handoff Issues to other Knowledge Bots or directly to an agent. This is BIG!

October 2017


  • Launched a new Issue modal with all key information in one place, including that customer chat panel.
  • Introduced a Device Dictionary – a single point of reference for all brick and mortar technologies which will allow for greater machine learning and automation capabilities.
  • Updated Device Templates to allow for auto-creation of devices at a location based on Team associations with that location.
  • Device analytics – you can view all associations and issues related to specific devices.
  • All references to Members in Relay will now be Customer.
  • All Team Associations are now tagged at the Location level instead of the Member level for greater flexibility.
  • You can now add custom fields on a Customer Location for enhanced data tracking.
  • Checklist data is now exportable to .csv.
  • Search has been updated with advanced capabilities.
  • Chat messages are now archived for greater historical visibility.


Network Monitoring
  • The Onsite Agent now auto-discovers the internet service provider that provides internet bandwidth to the location and captures it on the IT footprint.
  • The Agent has been updated to check kitchen and receipt printer ink and paper levels and can send notifications when they are low.
  • The Agent can now check for congestion in queue for kitchen printers and detect when receipts are being dropped due to concurrent requests.

September 2017


Business Support
  • Introduced a real-time visualization wallboard to track overall remote support (chat and phone) metrics and individual agent performance.
  • A notification card is now created when an Issue is assigned from one User to another User.


Field Services
  • Introduced a real-time visualization field services wallboard to track job statuses and updates to easily oversee all jobs in progress.
  • Added Calendar View to the left navigation bar.
  • Updated Task View with today’s jobs, Team visibility, and additional Member information, Technician name (with deeplink), Technician chat room and scheduled job time (with time zone).
  • Added file upload fields to all checklists.


  • Launched a new bot training console, including a visual editor.
  • Added functionality to catch unmatched bot questions which enables bot trainers to view a log of all unmatched questions asked by the users and match them to the right responses.
  • Added an audit log to the Melody Bot console to track the questions and responses added by the team for easier oversight.
  • Updated the training console UI with a nested visual editor to make it easier to create and update bots.
  • Added dynamic chat buttons to simplify responding for the user by clicking a button instead of having to type.
  • Added a feedback loop which connects user feedback (thumbs up/down) and hit/miss rates back to the analytics console.
  • New search capability within bots to search an online knowledge base for suggested responses in case the bot cannot a satisfactory response.
  • Added a typing indicator in the chat room while a bot is formulating a response.
  • You now have the ability to create custom Issue Diagnosis bots that tie into your own machine learning core.

August 2017


We spent a significant portion of the month of August focused on platform performance enhancements including decreased page load times, platform stability, updated error messages, and much more.  We hope you like it!


Business Support
  • Expanded our APIs to allow you to integrate your phone queue with Relay so you can log into your phone queue with a single click of the Available button in the top right of Relay.


Field Services
  • A new view, called Task View, has been added to supplement the List and Calendar views in Relay. Users can drag and drop Issue cards across statues to easily progress Issues.
  • Issue Task View boards can be created and customized with an easy-to-use creation wizard.
  • Updated the Activity Map (real-time view) with improved en-route labels that have additional information including a deep link to the Issue, Member name, a calculated ETA to the location among other fields.  Also added a Member pin destination and route line to visualize the trip.
  • ToolBox update for iOS (read more)
    • Updated rendering of checklists and added operators (contains, like, equals, etc.) to checklist functionality.
    • Field agents can now snap pictures while in a video chat session and save that image directly to the Issue.
    • Emoticon support added to chat 🙂
    • Full-screen call notifications added to mimic the behavior of an incoming call when field service agents are receiving a call from Relay -> ToolBox.


Onsite Intelligence
  • When the Onsite Agent discovers devices on the network, it automatically creates parent/child relationships for devices on the same sub-net.
  • Enhanced scanning algorithm to better categorize and name devices on the network.
  • Devices with a type of Printer can now check the toner/ink and paper levels and receive automated notifications when levels are low.


Team Messaging
  • Improvements to the speed and stability of the messaging panel, including chat counter accuracy.
  • Updated Slack integration notifications and avatars.


  • Added SMS “callback” functionality to the APIs so you can offer customers the ability to text their number while waiting for an agent and have that create an Issue in Relay and launch a chat-based conversation.
  • Updated Zendesk integration to included new field order of data passed through and the ability to sync custom fields in Zendesk from standard fields in Relay.


  • Updated the image and GIF upload functionality within bot responses.


Predictive Outcomes
  • Video chat transcripts can now be saved as audio and text on each Issue! This can be configured for every session, specific sessions or on an interval base (e.g. 1 in 2, 1 in 10) for monitoring.

July 2017


Remote Services
  • Your inbound chat support channel can now integrate with Facebook Messenger. Chats from Facebook come directly into your Team inbox and can easily be converted into Issues.
  • Web schedulers have been updated to show restricted time slows to increase scheduling efficiency.
  • Calendar events are color coded for easy scanning. Escalated issues will appear in red.
  • Issue Inbox intelligent routing algorithms improved to deliver faster and more accurate routing.
  • Visual voicemail added to the Unclaimed queue. Voicemail now automatically create a Support Issue for follow up. The audio from the voicemail is transcribed to the Issue and other fields that can be ascertained from the transcript are filled in as well.


Field Services
  • Field agent calendars have been added to the scheduling window to quickly check availability before advertising jobs.
  • Calendar view also added for each Technician and field service organization to check overall or individual availability.
  • Enhanced formatting for checkout form PDFs that are completed from ToolBox.
  • Hourly billing increments can be adjusted from whole out increments to 1/10 hour increments for each network.
  • ToolBox can now be private labeled with your logo and colors.
  • Field agents can now upload Certificates of Insurance to their profiles.
  • Real-time view of technician location and job progress available on a map overlay for fast and easy network oversight.


Onsite Intelligence
  • Updated WiFi scanning settings for monitored routers and access points


  • Facebook Messenger integration is live so customer can chat you from your Facebook page and you can respond directly from Relay.


  • Added machine learning to score incoming messages to bots against prioritization text. When bots have the same priority, the response with the highest score will show first.
  • Added a configurable catch-all flow when the bot doesn’t understand a question.
  • Additional response edited functionality added to the bot console.
  • Additional response edited functionality added to the bot console.
  • New bot analytics and logs are now available to track quality and health of your bots. Analytics are focused on conversations details as traditional analytics don’t work for bots.


Predictive Outcomes
  • Intelligence routing updated in Unclaimed queue in Team inbox so Org roles can determine Issue visibility.
  • Organization-specific machine learning training core improved with the ability to upload historical data to fast track training models.
  • Speech-to-text functionality has been built into Relay to automatically produce transcripts from phone and video calls.
  • Improved the machine learning training models to immediately incorporate new sub-category Support and Equipment tags into the algorithms.
  • New predictive reporting that considers historical Issue volume from the previous 3 weeks to predict resource requirements for the next 7 days by hour of day.

June 2017


Remote Services
  • Escalations. Added an escalate button to note when an Issue gets escalated, either internally or between organizations. Escalated issues can be tracked separately within Insights and appear in Red in the Issue List.
  • Availability. Toggle button added for agents to select when they are available vs unavailable to receive inbound support requests. Availability syncs to all communication channels including phone. Text-based communications (chat, SMS, email) can also be tracked by the minute.
  • Updated webConnect to display emojis.
  • Member audit logs now present on Member Profiles to track all changes.
  • Streamlined Issue closeout fields.


Field Services
  • New formatting options for Scope of Work and job details for technicians.
  • ToolBox app update pushed live with a few performance and UI updates.
  • Calendar view is now available for the Issue list, with the same filters as the list view. This is very helpful to get a visual of scheduled jobs by day, week month, etc.
  • Added a billing permission on the Technician profiles to allow for more control over billing relationships of large services providers.


Onsite Intelligence
  • Added an Administrator option for each Location. This means that you can allow only for an Admin to receive the monitoring alerts rather than every User.
  • Monitoring of SaaS Clouds:  The Onsite Agent will now ping the solution clouds, for example, POS APIs.  This monitoring informs us of a partner outage or if there is a DNS resolution issue preventing the location from successfully connecting.
  • Connect now broadcasts if it is on the location network including information about the device it is installed on.


Team Messaging
  • Boomtown avatars now appear in Team chat rooms to note rooms that Boomtown is present in.
  • You can now create new Team chat rooms that span organizations.


  • Zendesk ticketing integration updated with additional context as well as a hyperlink to directly open the customer chat room in Relay from the created ticket.
  • Presence API:  Publishes user Availability/Unavailability in Relay for external systems to consume including but not limited to a PBX.  This is how agents would be unavailable in the call queue if they are busy on another Issue within Relay with real-time, bidirectional changes making both systems aware of availability.


  • Team Knowledge Bots: Our next bot template is live! Meet the Team Knowledge Bot aka Melody Bot. This is a team’s chat assistant; a dynamic and easily accessible Knowledge Base for frequent questions a team asks of each other. What makes this bot different is that any user can not only ask questions, but also contribute to the answers that the bot knows. Bringing the best out of your team.
  • Bot Chat Publishing: Bot assisted agents can ask Concierge (FAQ) bots in the Knowledge Room of an Issue and can then take the acceptable answers and publish them to the member chat (as is or personalized). You will see buttons for ‘Accept’ and ‘Personalize’.


Predictive Outcomes
  • Machine Learning:  Updated the production machine learning environment with new algorithm enhancements.
  • Intelligent language based routing according to the Member’s profile and agent’s skill set.

May 2017




  • Added customizable Work Order submission forms in Relay.
  • Added a Save button to all modals.
  • Core system improvements for faster load times of chats and windows.
  • Added a My Issues filter on the Issue List.
  • Included Support and Equipment tags and improved Predictive Outcome model training and adaptive learning.
  • Added Industry on Member bulk upload template.
  • SMS as call back option – allows callers to enter their SMS number and receive a download link to their phone and start an immediate chat via SMS.
  • Changed references of ‘Partner’ to ‘Organization.’
  • Issue list filters are now sticky so you can see which filter you are currently on.
  • A new button to create an Issue from an inbound SMS to move it from an anonymous SMS to the unclaimed ticket queue. SMS chat transcript is added to the Issue log.
  • Customers can now log into Relay with the same credentials they use for Connect to create submit Issues, view dashboards and adjust notification settings.



  • Team rooms are now sticky on the messaging panel so your core Teams will always be visible.
  • Renamed the Partner Public room to the Knowledge Room, this is where Concierge bots will live.
  • Added emojis! Woohoo!


  • A new version of the Android Connect app is now avaiable on Google Play, which adds stability to Samsung and LG devices.


Onsite Intelligence
  • Agent now populates the Issue field with the device name that went offline when an Issue is created.
  • Numerous enhancements to the monitoring software.
  • Added device capture for Apple devices.
  • Enhanced deep data on devices including model and version numbers and information such as paper status and ink levels.
  • Updated database to include over 24,000 devices that can be automatically detected, mapped and named.
  • Onsite Compliance scanner service added to provide basic port scanning to validate that the Location has a firewall and that it is being used correctly. Results are captured in Relay.
  • Location self-training added to Onsite Intelligence. For the first week onsite, alerts are skipped until the device patters are well understood. This strengthens alert confidence after the device is trained.


Bot OS
  • Bot rating buttons – updated chat messages to include thumbs up and down buttons to provide direct feedback to bot responses to help training and enhance future responses.
  • Added buttons to bot responses in Relay for even faster responses. Buttons include Thumbs up/down, yes, no, approve, personalize (add text and publish the answer to a Member) and edit.
  • Bots extended to the Issue Private rooms to launch bot-assisted agents.


  • New Branding for the ToolBox app
  • We’re excited to announce the launch of our native ToolBox app for iOS (Android coming soon). While it contains similar workflows and functionality as the previous version, it will be more stable and include a number of enhanced features.
  • Offline mode – all checklists, timestamps, photos, signatures, etc. can not be captured when not connected to the internet.
  • Full screen call notifications – incoming video calls now take over the entire screen and ring prominently.
  • Checklists – both on-the-job walk through and closeout checklists are now part of the core workflow. These enhance the SOW with additional step-by-step guides.
  • Private Label – like Connect, you can now private label the ToolBox app with your logo and colors for your own field service team.
  • Technician job add – field agents can now add their own jobs into ToolBox while on the road.
  • Real time file uploads – images and files can now be uploaded mid job instead of only at closeout. Files appear in Relay instantly.
  • Scope of Work formatting – you can now use html or textile to format SOWs for clearer messaging.
  • Checkout flow – now only a signature it required at checkout. Notes are kept throughout the job and ratings are presented only within Connect.
  • Certifications – Streamlined certification completion to cert tagging in Relay and updated dispatching algorithm to incorporate new tags.
  • Multi-file upload now supported.
  • Closeout checklists are now saved as a pdf on the Issue log.


  • Phone data now available in real time in Insights.
  • Added data sets to the Onsite Intelligence API from Wi-Fi scan & Wi-Fi test logs, device bandwidth consumption from device templates, device notification counts and managed device Issue creation count along with Issue field data.


  • SMS Help API – added a new API that allows you to integrate your PBX to Relay and enable SMS call back option on an existing IVR.
  • Updated API documentation references.

April 2017




  • Performance updates to reduce load times.
  • Extended diagnosis checklists to email to allow merchants to complete brief troubleshooting checklists to reduce the number of back and forth emails.
  • Added a button to go to straight to an Issue chat room from an Issue in queue. Also added a deep-link to the member profile and a more prominent aging timer.
  • Diagnosis checklists have been extended to device templates, so specific troubleshooting checklists can now be attached to specific devices and used to troubleshoot merchant issues either privately or publicly.
  • Updated Issue Ownership and collaboration details to simplify sharing Issues across organizations.
  • Issue owner changes now append to the Issue Log.
  • Introduced a new Status called Canceled for Issues that are canceled (instead of Closed).
  • You can now clone and merge Members, Locations, Users, Technicians and Devices.
  • Full chat and email transcripts are attached to the log as a PDF.
  • Added Industry on Member bulk upload template.



  • Enhanced chat counters so they only show unread messages since you last checked that room.
  • Reduced load times for chat rooms messages.



Onsite Intelligence
  • Updated device prioritization to allow for segmentation of important devices at a location. Set whether a device creates notifications, Issues or does nothing when it has a critical status change.


Service Factory 


  • Added Onsite Intelligence data to our API, including compliance verification.
  • Service Cloud <-> Relay integration updated to be bi-directional. Issues can be assigned between organizations and statuses can be updated from either platform.
  • Made the Special Notes field accessible via API from GET Issues/get/{issue_id}.


Bot OS
  • Updated the Bot training console to include an example column for training responses to increase ease of use.
  • Added conditional logic that determines which bot enters an Issue based on the situation and prevents bots from chatting over each other.

March 2017




  • Team Inbox – added a shared Issue queue to match the team inbox in Relay mobile. Issues created from Connect, webConnect, microConnect, ToolBox and email all go into this queue. You can claim, assign or watch any Issue from the Issue card.
  • Email support – you can now set up an email address to automatically create tickets in Relay from inbound emails. You can reply to the email from the Issue itself without having to leave Relay. If the email is new to the system, a Member Profile will be created automatically.
  • Email private label – all emails sent from Relay can now be branded with your logo.
  • Updated Insights to include a number of new additional fields for enhanced reporting.
  • Relay Desktop video chat optimized for stability and resolution quality.
  • Onsite Intelligence updated to include network visualization, auto device creation and labeling, automatic Issue creation for critical devices and a Member Location insights dashboard.
  • Launched Compliance Intelligence, which is a product to help simplify PCI and QIR compliance while providing better structured data. PCI data validation and automated SAQ form fills are available directly from Relay.
  • Optimized performance across chat, SMS, email, and image loading and updated field labeling and placement for a streamlined user experience.
  • Technician bulk upload functionality added so you can upload your own field service agents into Relay.
  • Technician availability on dispatch window updated to show when technicians have previously scheduled engagements.
  • General performance improvements to increase response times.
  • Shipments updated to send targeted notifications to Issue owners and watchers when packages are delivered.


  • Updated webConnect with enhanced functionality for web, email and phone support options from the main screen.


  • Updated notifications within chat for streamlined video chat invitations and communication.

February 2017




  • Introducing email as an integrated support channel with Relay! Integrate email handles to specific Teams within Relay and automatically create Issues upon receiving emails. All email notifications can be private labeled to incorporate your branding.
  • Onsite Intelligence – New and improved device monitoring on a standalone device known as the Onsite Agent. Through our Onsite Agent, you can perform networking scanning to identify, create and label devices within Relay. It automatically performs bandwidth monitoring to track network quality and create alerts or Issues when devices need attention.
  • Member information is pinned to the top of the Issue window.
  • The bulk Member upload process now creates devices on the Member’s IT footprint based on the information provided.
  • Issue closeout checklists save to the billing accordion.
  • Issue windows can now be minimized so you can easily work multiple Issues simultaneously.
  • Updated Team ecosystems architecture to increase Issue visibility across Teams that share common customers to allow for seamless collaboration.
  • Video chat upgraded with enhanced resolution and stability.



  • Added chat counter bubbles to Issue, Member and Technician rooms.
  • Added Siri integration for speech-to-text translation when responding to a chat.
  • Video chat upgraded with enhanced resolution and stability.


  • When there is no email on file, Members are now able to claim their accounts and log into Connect by entering their email address and using their business phone, cell phone or Member ID as the password.
  • webConnect – enabled Single Sign-On (SSO) from a web application to webConnect.
  • Video chat upgraded with enhanced resolution and stability.


  • Updated UI and chat verbiage to streamline job acceptance for field service agents.
  • Video chat upgraded with enhanced resolution and stability.
Predictive Outcomes
  • Launching the Issue Q&A for support chat sessions. We now capture the diagnosis/troubleshooting questions asked during each support interaction and leverage machine learning to track and analyze these interactions filtered by specific issue types. The result is an Issue diagnosis bot that helps diagnose Member Issues automatically through Connect and seamlessly hand off the conversation to an agent at the right time.
  • Expanded on our Q&A framework to allow agents to update diagnosis checklists on the fly for each issue and tie the learning back into future bot responses.
  • Predictive outcomes extended to the device objects to begin to assist in device monitoring as well as diagnosis upon Issue creation.


Service Factory


  • Added a new API end-point to GET historical Issue communication data, including active support minutes by channel and a chat transcript.
  • Added API end points to associate and un-associate a Member with a specific Team in Relay.

January 2017




  • Added a My Issues filter on the Issue List to quickly show you all the Issues that are assigned to or watching.
  • Parent Issues have been renamed to Projects. Projects can have multiple sub-Issues.
  • Projects and Issues can be cloned and also named for easy reference. You can also convert Issues into sub-Issues on another Project.
  • A Partner Ecosystem field has been added to Teams. This means that you can now tag and un-tag 3rd party providers to your Member profiles for better information tracking and more immediate context for support interactions.
  • Members can now be removed from your Portal by simply removing your Team association from their Member Profile.
  • Enhanced Insights and reporting functionality including new breakdowns of support minutes, detailed downloadable .csv files, message counters (including bot and human) and response times.
  • Re-engineered IT footprint to capture granular and structured detail of individual devices. Devices can easily be monitored and managed remotely for pro-active remote support.
  • Improved the bulk Member import to scrub and clean data uploads and identify any issues prior to creating Member Profiles in Relay. It now includes data enrichment from Google Places and well as cleaner field mapping and exception reports.
  • Added MID to the Member Profile list and to the search criteria for finding profiles quickly.


  • Instantly create ad-hoc chat rooms for teams to collaborate. Invite users from your organization or from 3rd party organizations in your ecosystem. If someone isn’t on Relay, you can invite them with a few clicks.
  • Added new chat room search functionality for quick and easy access from the main messaging panel.
  • Team chat rooms are now collaborative across organizations! You’ll see multiple avatars appear to note who is included in any given chat room.
  • Notifications are now filtered by Issues, Teams, Members and Technicians. You can also close them one at a time in addition to all at once. Notifications are also color coded to match the chat room tab color.


Bot OS
  • First responder bots have been extended to unknown inbound SMS messages to provide an immediate response and make a seamless handoff to the best available support team.


  • The rating screen has been added to the end of webConnect support sessions to collect NPS and agent ratings after every interaction. This is the same screen that appears in the Connect mobile app.
  • Manifests of each chat dialogue is now emailed to the Member upon Issue resolution.


December 2016




  • Added a native WYSIWYG form builder to create job-specific checklists within Issues. Checklists create scalable processes and a consistent customer experience across interactions.
  • Narrowed Issue visibility so Team members can only see Issues related to the Teams they are on.
  • Provider Dispatching – Teams on Relay now have the ability to dispatch their own field service agents through the platform.
  • Unmanaged field services – you now have the option to dispatch Boomtown technicians to jobs with no operational oversight for a reduced cost. Provide the scope of work and documentation and they’re off.
  • Chat Port 443 Support:  Our messaging platform has been moved to route via Port 443, which will allows additional access to chat from institutions that otherwise would be blocked by firewalls.


  • Streamlined historical chat data by hiding temporary messages such as invites to video chats or SMS failure notifications.
  • Notification Management – All notifications can now be toggled on/off by Partner Team and User. Customize when you receive notifications and which channels you receive them through.
  • Daily Digest Email – Receive a daily email summary of all new Issues created and Issue status changes for Issues that you own or are watching. Turn this on from ‘My Profile’.
  • The Private Label connect platform now extends to email notifications – you can embed your logo on all email notifications.
  • Dedicated inbound support SMS numbers are now available to route customer questions to a chat inbox in Relay.


Service Factory


  • Shipments fields are now available via API.


  • Refined de-duplication of Issues when a Member ‘slides for help’. Connect will now ask if they want to resume an existing ticket or create a new ticket.
  • Promo codes are now available to assist with Member self-signup, allowing new Members to enter a promo code and be immediately greeted with a Private Label experience.
  • The Issue/Diagnosis/Resolution fields are now accessible via Service History in Connect.

November 2016




  • Improved Relay Desktop search functionality to present a more comprehensive results list.
  • Split the sub-category field into Equipment and Support fields for more granular data capture on Issues. These fields now tie into Predictive Outcomes.
  • Updated the Support Metrics report to include additional valuable reporting metrics.
  • Permissions exposed in Technician profiles for payment and dispatching functionality across field services networks.
  • Added video chat capability from Relay Desktop. You can now video chat with up to 12 people from inside any open chat room.
  • Updated device management on Member Locations for enhanced tracking and monitoring. Added additional device types and data capture fields.
  • Removed email as a required field
  • Minor UI updates, including new login screen, URL, User Profile and help site
  • Launched a new Shipments object, which allows teams to easily track (and receive real-time updates about) hardware delivers related to specific Issues.


  • With the latest Relay Mobile release (2.2.2), you can now text chat or video chat with any agent in your field services network the right from the Relay Mobile app


  • Added categorization to the messaging panel. Chat rooms are now grouped by Issues, Teams, Members and Techs for easy navigation.
  • Added functionality to bulk message your customers. You can send alerts for outages or updates to all of your customers via Connect chat, SMS or email with the click of a button.


Bot OS
  • SMS validation added before any SMS messaging is sent. If the number is not a mobile number, it will be flagged in the profile.
  • Language localization added to create bots based on local language of the Connect user.


Predictive Outcomes
  • Launched foundation to intelligently route on-site issues to the best available technician using certifications, qualifications, Issue information, ratings and other historical data.
  • The Predictive Outcomes engine now automatically tags sub-category fields (Equipment and Support) with values and applies and confidence value (0-100%) to that tag.


Service Factory

Web Scheduler

  • Launched a fully integrated web-based scheduling application to simplify scheduling for training sessions and terminal activations. Customers can select their own date and time based on the calendar availability of agents.


  • Added a webhook to easily setup and customize 3rd party ticketing system integrations
  • Additional fields now available to 3rd party developers which can be found at developers.goboomtown.com.
  • Updated Slack integration to transpose @mentions from Relay to Slack and vice versa


  • Streamlined Toolbox We, iOS and Android.
  • Simplified the navigation panel
  • Jobs tab – added additional detail around jobs under review
  • Invoices tab – added invoices paid to date for tracking purposes
  • Comms tab – updated to simplify communication channel to text chat and video chat


  • Released Connect 3.1.4 with increased performance for chat and video handling

October 2016




  • We introduced Sub Issues, which enable parent <-> child relationships for Issues for a variety of workflows, including multi-day onsite jobs, multiple field service technicians for a single job, coordinate on-sites with remote trainings over the course of multiple days, and much more.
  • Insights are live! Insights provide real-time KPI oriented data to everyone that uses Boomtown’s support platform and services. Detailed, customizable and beautiful.
  • Completed a UI cleanup to reorganize fields to create efficiencies as well as remove fields that saw minimal utilization.
  • Tightened chat notifications for increased accuracy and speed
  • Added User certifications on profiles which now appear in Log Notes for QIR audits
  • Expanded User Profiles by adding Qualified and Specialist tags as well as availability periods to display agent availability on web schedulers.
  • Improved load times on the Issue grid


  • We released a major overhaul to our Relay Mobile application. This includes not only updates to quality and performance, but important UI and UX updates as well. We added chat, additional customer insights and more.


  • New /slash comment – /dispatch. We removed the dispatch button from Relay Mobile and replaced the functionality with /dispatch in the Issue Public chat room. This will initiative the scheduling bot to find a date and time that works for a technician go to on-site.


Predictive Outcomes
  • We officially launched Predictive Outcomes, a combination of machine learning, data analytics and process automation technology to perform predictive analysis and drive automated actions.
  • Intelligent Issue routing went live, pulling data from previous experiences skill-based profiles, availability, and much more.


Service Factory


  • Enhanced our Google Sheets reporting API with additional fields and filter functionality
  • Launched new documentation for 3rd party messaging and ticketing integrations.

September 2016




  • Added a ‘Reschedule’ button that allows project managers to quickly erase scheduled times and reschedule a job for a new time.
  • Added a field called sub-category to Issues. A multi-select tag field that provides insights for reporting as well as data capture for Predictive Outcomes.
  • Updated notification panel to sort sequentially from top to bottom.
  • Included new filters on the Issue grid, including a date range selector and a filter by Team.
  • Updated the Support Minutes field on the Issue to include total active support minutes from phone and video as well as the total count of phone and app sessions per Issue.
  • Added three Issue summary fields to each Issue. We refer to these as the I/D/R fields – Issue, Diagnosis and Resolution. Each Issue will have these fields completed for quick insight into each Issue.
  • Enhanced admin User Profiles to include org role, languages spoken, industry certifications, product qualifications and specialized knowledge. Skill-based profiles contribute to intelligent Issue routing.
  • Field service agent Profiles were updated to be able to capture data regarding which systems they are qualified for or specialists in to contribute to automated field service dispatching based on skills.
  • Updated Member bulk upload functionality to capture MID, TID, SMS numbers and additional technology notes to the merchant’s IT footprint.
  • A file uploader has been added to the merchant IT footprint to capture important documents and photos from the business.
  • The Issue grid columns are now moveable and sticky! You can show, hide and reorganize all the columns to your liking and they’ll remain there the next time you log in.


  • Reduced load times of available Relay list by 50%.


Service Factory

Web Scheduler

  • We launched a new web scheduler that allows customers to book appointments with agents for scheduled events such as software trainings for onboarding. Length of time, time zone, agent availability and more is all customizable on the scheduler.


  • Launched a pre-built ticketing system integrations to Desk.com, Service Now and Freshdesk to allow updates to Issues in Relay to be automatically transferred to these 3rd party systems.
  • Enhanced Google Sheets reporting API with updated Issue resolution fields.


Smart Terminals
  • We launched Connect on Poynt. Poynt users who open the Connect app and will automatically log into the app, which functions the same way as Connect on iOS, Android and other smart terminals.


Bot OS
  • We tied our Bot platform to User tags so customizable bots now understand the best User to route Issues to based on information in their User Profile.
  • Counters were added to scheduling Bots so track number to attempted schedules vs number of successful schedules to monitoring success rates and drive improvements.
  • Updated technician scheduling bot to reduce verbiage, increase flexibility and capture rational for declines.

August 2016




  • Added the dynamic technician map to the dispatching screen for single-click dispatching.
  • Added Issue checklists to the Issue closeout page. Specific checklists can be presented based on Team and Issue Type.
  • Added ability for project managers to rate technicians based on work completed before closing out an Issue. Aggregated scores across acceptance, execution, professionalism, competence and excellence are attached to Technician profiles.
  • The Member bulk upload form is updated to capture additional merchant information such as MID, TID, Team tags and Location technology notes.
  • Launched a data warehouse to capture all platform data to both increase performance and house data for machine learning and bot frameworks.
  • Significantly reduced report generation times.
  • Created PBX integration to Relay to tie phone interactions and call times to Issues in Relay.
  • Added video chat call counts and total support minutes to reports for a holistic view of active support time per Issue.
Service Factory


  • Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk off-the-shelf integrations available to send data from Relay to your system of record.
  • Completed integrations with Mobile Iron and App Direct.


Bot OS
  • Technician scheduling bot enhanced to continually advertise the job to the selected technicians until they accept, decline or the job is accepted by another technician.
  • Launched a remote terminal activation scheduling bot to automatically schedule activation sessions between Members and a terminal expert based on skill sets.
  • Enhanced all scheduling bots to recognize bad SMS numbers and automatically move conversations from SMS to email. The bots will now continue a conversation from any channel that a user responds to in the same thread.




  • Updated Issue progression to start in a chat interface rather than going directly to video support. Toggle to video with a single button.
  • File attachments can now be added to chats.


  • Improved UI, including new buttons, chat counters and notification badges.

microConnect SDK

  • Android microConnect SDK is live! This allows you to easily add the chat functionality of Connect directly into your Android application.


  • Improved language of the job acceptance bot to streamline communication for technicians accepting jobs.

July 2016




  • Images saved on Issues (e.g. job closeout images) are now saved to the Member’s IT footprint for easier future access.
  • Filters on the Issue List are now additive for more refined browsing.
  • While Chrome and Firefox are our recommended browsers, we have extended support for Internet Explorer 11.


  • Messaging APIs are now publicly available for 3rd party messaging platform integrations.
  • Pre-built Slack plugin to quickly connect your Relay Team chat room to a dedicated Slack channel.
  • Dedicated five digit SMS short codes are available for chat support via SMS.


Bot OS
  • Added prioritization for Bots to allow them to co-exist in any given chat room without communicating over each other.
  • Added nested Q&A for more complex question branching logic, ability to search for conversational dead-ends, and improved chat server connectivity verification.




  • Added a flexible container for the webConnect chat widget.

June 2016




  • Added an Issue Type filter to the Issue List to quickly sort between work orders (e.g. scheduled installations) and remote support interactions.
  • Updated Issue log notes to indicate when a job is advertised to field agents and who it was advertised to.


Bot OS
  • Our first scheduling bot template is live on production. We’ve created ours to schedule remote software trainings. Our training bot template includes appointment duration and synced calendar invites.
  • Our first Issue Diagnosis bot is live! This bot seeks to determine what a customer’s issue is prior so it can intelligently route the Issue to the correct support agent. This template can be customized to the Member’s specific technology network at their business.
  • Our FAQ bots have been extended to reach field service agents via ToolBox.




  • Connect on Android is now available! Android Connect launches with chat-first and support for image file upload within chat.


  • Launched a new Connect interface, webConnect, for teams to add a chat widget to their website that automatically creates Issues and routes through the same queue as if it came from Connect on mobile.


  • Updated iOS microConnect SDK to identify and note Issues in Relay as chat-only.

Smart Terminal

  • Connect is now accessible on Poynt smart terminals.

May 2016




  • We introduced Provider Ecosystems to allow Teams to pre-populate Member support profiles with additional providers that fall outside of their organization. All in the name of a more collaborative support experience.
  • Updated our Salesforce plugin to automatically create Work Orders in Relay via our Cloud API.
  • Launched a Relay -> Google Sheets reporting add-on for custom cloud-based reporting.


  • Added ability to customize chat rooms and hide private chat rooms to reduce noise.
  • Optimized messaging panel performance to reduce load times


Bot OS
  • The Bot framework, Bot OS, is now complete, including the ability to clone FAQ bots!
  • We launched an ‘Offline Provider bot’ that notifies Members through Connect when they chat with a Provider that is  offline.




  • Updated Member creation process to accept addresses outside of the US.

April 2016




  • Updated maps to show global locations instead of only US.
  • Private label branding now available.
  • Introduced Technician Category to increase flexibility for non-technician field service agents.


  • Added ‘/email’ command to send an email from a chat room to that chat room’s primary host.
  • Added ‘/log’ command to Issue chat rooms to post comments to the log of the Issue.
  • Added ‘/createissue command to seamlessly create Issues for Members from non Issue chat rooms.
  • Email responses to chat notification alerts now return to the chat room where the chat was initiated.
  • Chat rooms are automatically hidden after 1 hour of inactivity. Chat rooms reappear when there is activity.
  • Users can now turn email notifications on and off.
  • Added file attachment functionality to chat with drag and drop capability. Attachments are automatically saved to Issue logs.
  • Ongoing improvements to maximize performance and improve the experience.


Bot OS
  • Enhanced the bot platform to now be able to access email conversations as well as in-app and SMS.


  • Network monitoring and alerting notifications are now delivered to the Member’s Connect public chat room rather than via push notification. The notification language has also been updated to be more user friendly.