Team Messaging



Boomtown provides a streamlined communication platform built to facilitate cross-organization collaboration. Organize groups and quickly chat or launch a multi-party video chat for fast and easy teamwork. Create unlimited customized teams with everyone you work with (internal and external) to simplify how you get work done.


Teams Overview

For an overview of how to create teams, create users, assign users to specific teams click here.


Team Ecosystems

Relay allows teams to collaborate with other organizations and their teams and users. To set up this functionality perform the following:

1) Go to Organizations -> Profiles and double-click the organization you want to modify the ecosystem of.

2) In the Edit Partner tab of the Org Info window add all organizations that you want to include in the organization’s partner ecosystem.

Adding collaborating organizations to your ecosystem in Relay.

Adding collaborating organizations to your ecosystem in Relay.


3) Once you’ve set the partner ecosystem field at the Organizations -> Profile level you need to do the same at the team level. Go to Organizations -> Teams and click the pencil icon of the team you want to adjust the partner ecosystem to open the Edit Team window. In the Partner Ecosystem field in this window add teams from organizations that have been added to the Partner Ecosystem at the Organization Profile level.

4) Once you’ve added all of the teams to the Partner Ecosystem field you can now add users from those teams in the User Associations field.

NOTE: That you have to go through the entire process of adding the collaborating organization at the Org Profile level, adding its teams at the Org Team level, and adding individual team members at the Org Team level as well. If all of these steps aren’t performed there will be no noticeable effect will take place and you will not have any collaboration in your team messaging with other organizations.

Add other organizations' teams and users to an organization's ecosystem in Relay.

Add other organizations’ teams and users to an organization’s ecosystem in Relay.


Alerts & Notifications

NOTE: Any settings made at the User-level will override the same settings at the Team-level.


Team Alerts & Notifications

1) Go to Organizations -> Teams and click the pencil icon on the team you want to edit.

2) Click the Alerts & Notifications icon from the left nav menu.

3) Customize the alerts & notifications based on the event that occurs.

Customizing team alerts and notifications in Relay.

User Alerts & Notifications

1) From within the Edit Team window click the Users icon to display all users that are associated with that team.

2) Click the pencil icon for a user from the list to view and edit its settings.

Selecting Users from a specific Org Team in Relay.

Selecting Users from a specific Org Team in Relay.


3) Once the Edit User window is open click the Alerts & Notifications icon that looks like a bell.

4) Customize the alerts and notifications of the individual user to your liking.



Melody Bot

NOTE: Without the Train Melody Bots Inline permission a user will be able to communicate with a Melody Bot, but will not have access to the buttons shown below that allow for an existing question to be modified or new questions to be created.

The Melody Bot allows teams to easily create, edit, and use their own chatbots from within a team chatroom. No coding or technical expertise needed. This is a great tool for smaller teams that have information they want to place in an easily accessible chatbot that will live within their most used chat rooms.

1) Ask the Melody Bot a question. Make sure to use the # and type the name of the Melody Bot you’re addressing.

2) If the Melody Bot doesn’t know the answer it will let you know and give you the chance to answer. Click the Answer button to provide an answer.

3) Provide the Melody Bot with the correct answer so other users can access it later on.

4) Try asking the Melody Bot that same question again.

5) The Melody Bot remembers the answer to the question that the user specified and provides optional buttons that allow you to:

  • Modify – Change the answer or change the keywords associated with that question/answer.
  • Accept – Publishes the answer so the member/merchant can see it in the Issue Public chat room.
  • Personalize – Add a personalized message to the end of the answer and publishes it so the member/mechant can see it in the Issue Public chat room.
The Melody Bot allows teams to easily create their own chatbots.

The Melody Bot allows teams to easily create their own chatbots.