Device Templates

Device Templates are instances of devices that are associated with teams and their affiliated merchant locations in Relay. Device Templates are created using entries from the Device Dictionary and may be assigned to multiple teams and multiple merchant locations.

1) Click System -> Device Templates.

2) You will see a list of all existing Device Templates including information such as their parent device (if applicable), associated industry, associated device, device count (# of locations in which the device template is being used), the default network monitoring policy, and any notes that have been added.

3) You can Add, Edit, and Delete Device Templates.

4) Double-click on any Device Template to open the Edit Template window OR click the Add button in the upper-left to add a new template as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Team(s): Associate Org Team(s) with this Device Template.
  • Industry: Specify a relevant industry for this Device Template. (Example: Restaurants)
  • Parent: Specify a parent device for this Device Template (if applicable).
  • Auto Create: When this field is checked this device template will automatically be added to any location associated with the specified team(s).
  • Device Type: Specify details for the Device Template using entries in the Device Dictionary. To learn more about the Device Dictionary see the following section.
  • Defaults: Set defaults for this Device Template such as notes, a default network monitoring policy, and a default resolution priority.
Adding/editing Device Templates in Relay.

Adding/editing Device Templates in Relay.



Device Dictionary

NOTE: You need a special admin permission to be able to access the Device Dictionary in Relay.

The Device Dictionary acts as a single point of reference for all devices supported with the Boomtown enterprise software. This allows one point of data collection for each device that will ultimately allow for greater machine learning and automation capabilities to further revolutionize the support of merchant services technologies.

1) Click System -> Device Dictionary.

2) The list of devices in the Device Dictionary are shown. You can see details such as the device category, label (name), make, model, status, device count (# of times that device has been assigned to a location), template count (# of device templates the device has been assigned to), and when the device was last updated and created.

3) You can Add a new device, Edit an existing device, Delete an existing device, Merge duplicate device records, and Clone an existing device.

Boomtown's Device Dictionary.

Boomtown’s Device Dictionary.


4) Double-click on any entry in the Device Dictionary to open up the Edit Device window which allows you to edit the entry.

5) Toggles are available that allow you to see/edit the following:

  • Device Profile: Edit the Device Profile Information such as the Category, Make, Model, Label, etc.
  • Issues: See the list of issues this device has been added to.
  • Locations: See the list of member/merchant locations this device has been added to.
  • Teams: See the list of teams with a Device Template that contains this device.
  • Bots: See the list of chatbots this device has been assigned to. This functionality will help connect merchants that swipe in via Connect to the right chatbot for automated support.
  • Checklists: See which checklists this device has been added to.
  • Insights: See trends and analytics for the device via visual charts/graphs.

NOTE: Only devices with a status of Approved will be usable. A special admin permission is required to approve Device Dictionary entries with a Draft status.

Editing a Device Dictionary entry in Relay.

Editing a Device Dictionary entry in Relay.



Using Devices for Network Monitoring (Onsite Agents)

To learn more about Boomtown’s Network Monitoring (Onsite Agents) and how you can build out an IT footprint using devices in Relay click here.