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Knowledge Base functionality overview

The Relay Knowledge Base provides an intuitive and highly customizable environment for sharing knowledge with Customers, Teams (internal), and other Organizations, creating ecosystems of knowledge. Relay also allows the creation of multiple Knowledge Bases for one Organization, giving you the ability to create different KB sites for various products and brands. Below are some major features of the Relay KB.

NOTE: you need the “Edit KB” permission to manage the Knowledge Base.

For Relay users with KB permissions:

  • Simple and intuitive content management system: an easy-to-use folder structure with unlimited levels and granular permissions for complete flexibility over how you organize, manage, and share your long-form content. Learn more here.
  • Ability to collaborate and share knowledge within partner ecosystems: make articles publicly accessible or privately accessible to specified Organizations, Teams, and/or Users only. Learn more here.
  • Advanced article body text formatting: a text editor that supports advanced text editing capabilities, as well as adding images, hyperlinks, tables, quotes, alerts, files, and more. Learn how to use the new editor here.
  • Ability to create multiple Knowledge Bases for your Organization: easily create and customize multiple KBs to represent the different brands and products you provide. Learn more here.
  • Integration with the Relay Technology Index: link your KB articles and folders to Relay’s extensive Technology Index, which will help Relay suggest relevant associated articles. Learn more here.
  • Advanced Analytics: view reports on various metrics related to the articles, including views, collaborating users, and upvotes, all available in the Knowledge Base report.

Relay Knowledge Base Articles

For Customers:

Customize your public Knowledge Base with the following features:

  1. Banner Image: upload a branded image at the top of the page or keep the default placeholder.
  2. Promoted Articles: display articles you want the Customers to see first right on the home page.
  3. Footer: add text to the bottom of your pages that appear on each article.
  4. Chat Support: add a webConnect chat button for immediate Customer support. Learn how to add webConnect to your KB here.
  5. Custom Folders: display custom icons for your folders to match your brand. Learn how here.
  6. Custom Logo: upload your logo to appear at the top of your Knowledge Base pages.

Learn more about customizing your Knowledge Base here.

Relay Knowledge Base Customer Experience


Getting started with the Knowledge Base

  •  : close the Knowledge Base modal, or close each article and/or folder nested inside it.
  • pencil icon`: edit a folder, article, or Knowledge Base.
  • Settings button: customize your KB home page (more here). Upload a banner for your KB (more here). Add a webConnect chat to your KB (more here).
  • Revision log button: view the Revision Log for your KB.
  •  Relay Use KB 7 : (from top to bottom) edit, clone, or delete a folder, article, or KB.
  • Relay Use KB 2: filter what to display on your page.
  • Relay Use KB 1: sort the articles and/or folders on your page by Name, Date Modified, or Date Created. NOTE: selecting Position will make the articles appear in their default order.

  • Relay Use KB 11: view a folder title, publication status, and (optional) description. Click on a folder title to view its contents. Click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to edit folder settings, such as avatar, publication status, and ecosystem access. Learn how to configure folder settings here.
  • Relay Use KB 12: view an article title, ecosystem access (Relay Use KB 6 – public or Relay Use KB 5– private), publication status, and (optional) sub-title. Double click on the article record or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to view and edit its settings and body. Learn how to configure article settings here and how to edit the article body here.
  • : add a new folder (more here).
  • : add a new article (more here).
  • Relay Use KB 4: update multiple article or folder records. For example, you can move articles into a different folder using this button.
  • Relay Use KB 9 : switch between different KBs in your Organization by selecting a KB from the dropdown. Additionally, you can click on  to view the KB root (the view of all your Knowledge Bases and folders), click on  to add a new KB to your Organization, or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to configure the settings of the selected KB.


List of Knowledge Base functions and features

NOTE: click on the list items to learn how to use these features.

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