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Issue source icons

Relay displays Issue source icons in Issue List and Task view and User inboxes. It allows agents to easily identify how the Issue was added to Relay and prioritize the Issues accordingly. For example, SMS Issues can take priority over Email Issues, as it is likely that the merchant texting with their Issue needs a quicker answer than a merchant emailing.

Email: Customer User emailed in with the Issue.

Phone Support: Customer User called with the Issue.

 Relay Desktop: a support agent or other User manually created the Issue in Relay Desktop. Learn how to create Issues for new and existing Customers here.

SMS: Customer User texted in with the Issue. Learn how to set up SMS Integration for your Teams here (for Group Admins only).

webConnect: Customer User started a conversation in webConnect.

Connect: Customer User swiped in the Connect mobile application.

Onsite Agent: a network monitoring (Sense) device detected an Issue and automatically created an Issue ticket for it in Relay.

 Scheduler: Issue was created in the Web Scheduler, generally used for work orders or trainings.

 Voicemail: Issue came in via voicemail.


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