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Customers Profiles overview

Go to Customers → Profiles on the Relay left navigation panel.

Profiles contain a comprehensive view of each Customer (also known as merchant or member) for easy monitoring of Customer activity, payments, and Issues. Each Profile includes Customer Info, Issues, Locations, Technology, Users, Payments etc.

Relay Customer Profile 5

Click pencil icon` or double-click on a Customer Profile to open it. NOTE: icons and actions marked with GA are only accessible to users with Group Admin permissions.

  • Profile button (Customer Profile): view Customer Info, Issues log, Customer Locations, and a Technology List. Set Customer Issue priority (learn how here).

Relay Customer Profile 6

  •  (Locations): view, add, and edit Customer Locations.
  • (Customer Users): view, add, and (GA only) edit Customer Users.
  •  (Log): view activity in the Customer Profile, such as dates created and updated.
  •  (GA, Payments): view all payments for work to resolve Customer Issues.
  •  (GA, Notification Logs): view a record of alerts sent to the Customer at each Location.
  •  (Files): add an avatar for the Customer (learn more here).
  •  (Subscriptions): view detailed information on the Customer’s subscription plan, including billing, sponsor, and account information.

General Icons

  • : switch between minimized Customer modals. Press Shift and click on the name of the minimized record in the dropdown to remove it from the open modals list:  .
  • : create an Issue for the Customer.
  • : close a Customer modal.
  • : minimize a Customer modal.

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