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Customer Users overview

Go to Customers → Users on the Relay left navigation panel.

Users: a record of Users (persons) associated with Customers. Each User record includes information on their Customer and Technology associations, and an option to configure notification settings for each User. A Customer may have multiple Users, and you can merge repeat User records.

Relay Customer Profile 3

Click pencil icon` or double-click on a Customer User to open their record.

  • Profile button (Customer User Info): view information about the Customer User. Set a password for the User (learn how here).

Relay CUstomer Profile 20

  •  (Device Tokens): view the devices used by the User to submit an Issue.
  •  (Alerts Configuration): configure alert preferences for the User (learn more here).
  •  (Files): add an avatar for the Customer User (learn more here).

General Icons

  • : switch between minimized Customer User modals. Press Shift and click on the name of the minimized record in the dropdown to remove it from the open modals list:  .
  • : close a Customer User modal.
  • : minimize a Customer User modal.


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