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Locations overview

Go to Customers → Locations on the Relay left navigation panel.

Locations contain a record of Customer Locations. Each Location record includes comprehensive information on Location Technology, Issues, Network, Compliance etc. It also includes a Public Chat for each Location. A Customer may have multiple Locations.

Relay Customer Profile 4

Click pencil icon` or double-click on a Customer Location to open it.  NOTE: icons and actions marked with GA are only accessible to users with Group Admin permissions.

  • (Customer Profile): view Location Information, Team Associations, and Technology List. Chat with a support agent or Bot in Public Chat.

Relay Customer Profile 10

  •  (Contacts): view, add, and (GA only) edit information on Customer Users associated with the Location.
  • (Issues): view and filter current and past Issues associated with the Location.
  •  (Technology): view and edit the Technology List for the location and the state of each device.
  •  (Network & Site Health): view detailed analytics for the Location’s devices, system, bandwidth, channel, Issues, and network.
  •  (Network Map): see a visual representation of the Technology associated with the Location. Move the Technology icons around to edit the map.
  •  (Files): view and upload files associated with the Customer Location (learn more here).
  •  (GA, Notification Logs): view a record of notifications for the Customer Location.
  •  (Profile Matrix): allows Organizations to set up Location-specific overrides to the Organization-wide monitoring rules that are used when a Location has a Sense device deployed.
  •  (Custom Fields): (optional) Organizations can request for custom fields to be added to a Location’s Profile.

General Icons

  • : switch between minimized Customer Locations modals. Press Shift and click on the name of the minimized record in the dropdown to remove it from the open modals list:  .
  • : go to the associated Customer profile.
  • : open/close the Customer Location public chat.
  • : create an Issue for the Customer Location.
  • : close a Customer Location modal.
  • : minimize a Customer Location modal.

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