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What is the webConnect Integration?

The webConnect Integration allows your customers to contact your Teams’ support agents through the webConnect chat window. You may also add a Concierge Bot to the webConnect chatroom to greet the Customer, answer basic questions, and route the Customer to the appropriate Team.

How do I set up a webConnect Integration for my Team?

  1. Go to Organizations → Teams and search for your Team.
  2. Double click on the Team or click the pencil icon` (Pencil) icon next to it.
  3. On the left navigation bar of the Org Teams modal, go to  (Integrations).
  4. Select add button to open the Integration Setup modal.
  5. Fill out the following fields:
    • Type: select Web Connect from the dropdown.
    • Name: type the name you want to be displayed in the list of your Team’s Integrations.
    • Description: (optional) type the description of your webConnect Integration.
    • Status: select Enabled from the dropdown.
  6. Hit Save. The webConnect Integration will now show up as Enabled and Ready in your Team’s list of Integrations.

Relay Set up Web Connect Integration

Relay Set up Web Connect Integration 2

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