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How do I set up an online Scheduler for my Team?

NOTE: these directions apply to both Training and Remote Activation Schedulers. An activation is a short introductory meeting with the Customer. A training is a longer, deep-dive experience.

  1. Go to Organizations → Teams and search for your Team.
  2. Double click on the Team or click the pencil icon` (Pencil) icon next to it.
  3. On the left navigation bar of the Org Teams modal, go to  (Integrations).
  4. Select add button to open the Integration Setup modal.
  5. Fill out the following fields:
    • Type: select Training/Remote Activation Scheduler from the dropdown.
    • Name: type the name you want to be displayed in the list of your Team’s Integrations. For example, you may specify the device the training/activation is for, naming the Integration “Clover Mini Training Scheduler”.
    • Description: (optional) type the description of your Training/Remote Activation Scheduler.
    • Status: select Enabled from the dropdown.
    • Training/Remote Activation Scheduler Title: type the title that will be displayed to Customers when they access the Scheduler.
    • Training/Remote Activation Scheduler Description: type the description that will be displayed to Customers when they access the Scheduler.

Relay Set Training Scheduler

    • Session Time Length: select the length of the training/activation from the dropdown.
    • Owner Team: select the Team leading the training/activation. The Relay Issue created by the Scheduler will be assigned to this Team.
    • Default Sales Representative: (optional) select the Team representative who will conduct the training/activation by default.
    • Enforce Cancellation Fee: (optional) toggle on to set a fee for cancelling the training/activation. The cancellation fee information will be displayed as a warning to the Customer during the scheduling process.
  1. Relay Set Training Scheduler 3
    • Enforce Availability Periods: (optional) toggle on to set the times your Team will be available to conduct the training/activation. Learn how to set Team availability periods here.
    • Terms of Payment: select your terms from the dropdown. If you do not intend to collect a payment, leave this field to its default setting.
    • ID: (auto-populated)
    • Web Scheduler url: (auto-populated) view the URL Customers will use to access the Training/Remote Activation Scheduler. NOTE: In order to view the correct URL, you will first need to Save & Exit the Integration Setup window, then re-open the Scheduler and scroll down to the web scheduler url field.

Relay Set Training Scheduler 2

  1. Hit Save or Save & Exit. The Training/Remote Activation Scheduler will now show up as Enabled and Ready in your Team’s list of Integrations.

Relay Set Training Scheduler 4


How can my Customers access the online Scheduler?

  1. Close the Add Integration modal after you save your new Scheduler (or hit Save & Exit).
  2. Re-open the Training/Remote Activation Scheduler.
  3. Scroll to the web scheduler url field at the bottom of the Scheduler’s profile.

Relay Use Training Scheduler 2

  1. Copy the link. You can now share it with Customers. They will see the form below (note that the Training/Remote Activation Scheduler Integration title and description from the setup process show up at the top).
    • You may send the Scheduler URL directly to Customers or set up a redirect to the Scheduler from your website by setting up a page such as goboomtown.com/scheduler.

Relay Use Training Scheduler

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