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What is SMS Integration?

SMS integration allows your support Teams to communicate with merchants via SMS. You may also add Bots to the SMS channel.

How do I set up SMS Integration?

  1. Go to Organizations → Teams on the left navigation panel. 
  2. Search for your Team and double click or click on pencil icon` to edit it.
  3. Go to  (Integrations) on the left navigation bar of the Org Teams modal.
  4. Select add buttonto add a new Integration.
  5. Fill out the Integration Setup fields as shown below. The Direct Inward Dialing Number is the number merchants will text to reach your Team. NOTE: If you do not have an SMS number, contact your Boomtown Account Manager to acquire one.
    • Optional: If you have a short code number for your Team, toggle on “Use Short Code”. Then input the “Direct Inward Dialing Shortcode”.

Relay SMS Integration 2

  1. Hit Save.
  2. Go through the following fields:
    • Auto Create Issues: check the box so that an Issue will be automatically created in Relay when the merchant texts in.
    • Issue Type: select the categorization type of the SMS Issues in Relay.
    • Owner Team: select the support Team that will respond to texts sent to the Direct Inward Dialing Number or Short Code.
    • New Customer Greeting: type the message a customer will receive if they text from a number not yet listed in the Relay system.
      • Sample message: “Welcome Valued Merchant! Your account is now active! Visit your online portal for all your account details. For support, please text this number 24/7!”
    • ID: (auto-populated).

Relay SMS Integration 3

Your SMS Integration is now set up. You will see it as Enabled and Ready in your Team’s list of Integrations.

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