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How do I set up intelligent Issue Team routing via Concierge Bots? 

Intelligent Issue routing allows the Concierge bot to direct the user to the next available Team or display text or a topic if all Teams are unavailable.

NOTE: for instructions on how to change the availability of teams, visit Set team hours of operation for Concierge Bots.

  1. Go to Bot Topics button (Topics) on the left navigation bar of the Bots modal. Click pencil icon` (Pencil) to edit a topic or add buttonto add a new topic.
  2. Scroll down to Responses and add buttona new response
  3. In the Add Response modal, set the following:
    1. Validator: Button
    2. Button Label: [usually the name of the team you want to route the Bot to]
    3. Go-to other topic: toggle on.
    4. Go To: custom owner team response.
  4. Fill out the Mapped Text field using the following syntax (examples, also see screenshots below): [team_ID_1;team_ID_2;text:XXX] OR [team_ID_1;team_ID_2;topic:topic_key].
    • To find each Team’s ID, go to Organizations → Teams, open your Team Profile, and copy the last 7 characters of the Team Profile URL: .
    • When Team 1 is unavailable, the Concierge Bot will route the customer to Team 2, specified by team_ID_2. NOTE: You can route the Bot to any number of Teams. Just make sure to include all their Team IDs in Mapped Text.
    • Choose either text OR topic to be displayed if all Teams are unavailable: text:XXX will display the specified text to the customer. topic:topic_key will redirect the user to a different topic.
    • You may insert a ‘force’ condition that will cause the Concierge Bot to automatically route to the Team specified after ‘force’, regardless of whether or not that Team is available or away. In the following example, the Bot will always route the customer to Team 2, even if that team is unavailable: [team_ID_1;force;team_ID_2;text:Sorry but that team is unavailable right now.]

Relay Intelligent Issue Routing Relay Intelligent Issue Routing 2

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