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How do I set a Customer User’s password?

  1. Go to Customers → Users.
  2. Double click on the User you wish to edit or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) next to their record.
  3. Go to  Profile button (Profile) and scroll down to the Password Management section.
  4. (optional) grant the Customer User admin permissions in the Customer Admin field.
  5. Toggle on Email the link for resetting password to this User OR Set a password for this User.
    • If you select Set a password for this User, a New Password field will appear below. Choose a strong password for the User.
    • If you select Email the link for resetting password to this User, an email will be automatically sent to the User’s email on file. Make sure to hit Save or Save & Exit for the email to be sent.
  6. Hit Save or Save & Exit.

Relay Set Customer User password

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