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How do I auto-resolve Issues with Bots in Connect/webConnect?

A customer may use a Concierge or Knowledge Bot to get all their questions answered. In that case, the Concierge or Knowledge Bot used can auto-resolve the customer’s Issue right in Connect/webConnect. All you need to do is set up the Auto-resolve Bot topic with the appropriate responses. This can be done for both Concierge and Knowledge Bots and the setup is almost identical.

  • Go to Bot Topics button (Topics) on the left navigation bar of the Bots modal. Click pencil icon` (Pencil) to edit a topic or add buttonto add a new topic. In the Text section, include a verification message asking the user if their issue has been resolved. NOTE: title the topic Auto-resolve for convenient search.
  • Click the Save button in the lower-right of the window.

Relay Auto-resolve 2

  • Scroll down and add a Response and label it with a statement that confirms the user has resolved their Issue (see screenshot below). Set the ‘Go-to other topic’ toggle to the On position and choose the ‘custom resolve issue’ topic from the ‘Go To’ field’s drop-down list.
  • Click Save & Exit to save your new response.

Relay Auto-resolve 3

  • OPTIONAL: Add an additional response (also with a Button validator) that take the user back to the initial ‘Welcome’ topic and to a topic such as a ‘Speak to Agent’ topic in case the user wants to speak to a human in the event their issue wasn’t resolved.

Relay Auto-Resolve 7

Relay Auto-Resolve 8

  • Copy the Key of this Auto-resolve topic you’ve created (you must save it first to generate a key).

Relay Auto-resolve 4

  • Click on Bot profile button (Bot Profile) to edit the Bot.
  • Scroll down to the Code Configuration section to either the Diagnosis End Topic Key (Concierge Bots) or Device End Topic Key (Knowledge Bots) field. Paste the key of the auto-resolve topic into the correct field.
  • Save your changes.

Relay Auto-Resolve 5

  • Hard reset the Bot for the mapping to go live:
  • Go to Bot profile button (Bot Profile) on the left navigation bar of the Bot modal and scroll down to the Service Control section.
  • Hit STOP and START.
  • Test the new functionality in Connect/webConnect. NOTE: The auto-resolve functionality does not work when you interact with Knowledge Bots in Public Team chatrooms in Relay.

Relay auto-resolve 1

  • IMPORTANT: If you don’t see the auto-resolve functionality appear in Connect/webConnect, it could be because the Bot answer that resolved the user’s Issue has responses added to it. The software will only assume that the conversation has ended if an answer doesn’t have any associated responses or actions. If you want the auto-resolve functionality to still appear after a Bot topic with responses or actions, then add {{EOT}} to the end of the Text for that topic.

Relay Auto-Resolve 6

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