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How do Away Messages work?

You can add an Away Message to your Concierge Bot to alert the Customer that your Team is unavailable. Away Messages are added to specific topics, which then display the Away Text instead of the regular Text outside Team availability. In the screenshot below, the Away Message was added to the Welcome topic. Typically, you will add an Away Message to either the Welcome or Speak to Agent topic.

NOTE: in order for the Away Message to be displayed, you must first set your Team hours of operation or availability status. Learn how here.

Relay Away Message 3

How do I set an Away Message? 

  1. Go to Bot Topics button (Topics) on the left navigation bar of the Bots modal. Click pencil icon` (Pencil) to edit a topic or add buttonto add a new topic.
  2. Specify the Away Text.

Relay Away Message

  1. Input the Team ID associated with your Bot.
    • NOTE: to find the Team ID, go to Organizations → Teams, open your Team Profile, and copy the last 7 characters of the Team Profile URL: .

Relay Away Message 2

  1. Hit Save or Save & Exit.
  2. Hard reset the Bot for the update to go live:
    1. Go to Bot profile button (Bot Profile) on the left navigation bar of the Bot modal and scroll down to the Service Control section.
    2. Hit STOP and START.

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