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How can my Teams use webConnect banners?

webConnect banners display a clear message to your Customers as soon as they enter the webConnect chat environment. webConnect banners can be assigned to individual Teams and often display those Teams’ hours of operation. In that capacity, banners let the Customers know that they should not expect an agent to assist them immediately.

You may customize your banners’ text and colors, as well as add your logo and a URL.


How will my Teams’ webConnect banners be displayed? 

Banners will be displayed in a specified location in your Customers’ webConnect chat environment. They will also be displayed at the top of the chat window when the Customer temporarily leaves the conversation.

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How do I create a webConnect banner? 

  1. Go to Organizations → Profiles and double click or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to open your Organization’s profile.
  2. Click on  (Banners) on the left navigation bar of the Orgs modal. 
  3. Select add buttonto create a new banner.
  4. Fill out the following fields:
    • Name: type the name of your banner.
    • Text: type the text you want the Customer to see when they log into webConnect. For example, you can tell Customers your team hours of operation.
    • URL: (optional) paste the link the Customer will be redirected to when they click on the banner. If you do not include a URL, no action will occur when the Customer clicks on the banner.

Relay Create banners

  1. Customize your banner:
    • Color: type the color of your banner’s text. By default, the text color is white.
    • Background Color: type the color of the text’s background. By default, the background color is lightblue (color name should be typed as one word without spaces).
    • Position: select the position of the banner in the webConnect chat window from the dropdown.

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  1. Hit Save. You will see  (Add Files) appear on the left navigation bar of the Banners modal. You can now add your logo to the banner.


How do I add my logo to a banner? 

  1. Go to  (Add Files) on the left navigation bar of the Banners modal.
  2. Click Select File(s) and select the logo from your computer.
  3. Choose Avatar as File Type.
  4. Click Upload File(s).

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How do I assign a webConnect banner to a Team? 

  1. Go to Organizations → Teams and double click or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to open your Team’s profile.
  2. Click on  (Additional Settings) on the left navigation bar of the Org Teams modal.
  3. Select your banner from the webConnect Banner(s) dropdown.
  4. Hit Save or Save & Exit.

Relay use banners

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