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What is the Agent Assist Bot? 

The Agent Assist Bot reduces Issue resolution time by helping support agents quickly find the information needed to resolve the Issue. This Bot can be activated in Issue Private Chat to search for information from the knowledge base and the relevant Knowledge Bots.

How do I use the Agent Assist Bot? 

  1. In an Issue, go to Private Chat.
  2. Queue the bot by typing #[Bot nickname].
  3. Start typing to search Knowledge Bots and the knowledge base.
  4. The bot will ask you to clarify your query if too many results are found.
  5. Click on the button with the most relevant response to open that search result.
  6. Start a “New Search” or “Start Over” in the conversation flow anytime.

Relay Agent Assist Bot 5

How do I build an Agent Assist Bot?

  1. Navigate to System → Bots and select add buttonto open the Add Bot modal. 
  2. Fill out the Bot Profile (see a sample profile in the screenshots below):
    1. Code Type: Agent Assist.
    2. Object: Org (the Bot will only be accessible by a specified Organization).
    3. Org: [name of your Organization].
    4. Namechoose a name for your Bot. This name will show up in chats with the user.
    5. Nickname: auto-populated based on the Bot name after you hit Save. NOTE: use #[nickname] to queue the bot in the Issue Private Chat. 
    6. Description(optional) describe the purpose of your bot.
    7. Default Priority: leave as 0.
    8. Language: choose between English, Spanish, or Japanese.
    9. Time Zone: choose your time zone from the drop-down or type it in the form [Country/City].
    10. Status: by default, a new bot is Active. You can make it Inactive or designate it as Deleted.
    11. Score Frequency: (optional) set to 1 to display optional thumbs up/thumbs down rating buttons after each Bot response.
    12. Group: None.
    13. Device Type(s): n/a.
    14. ID: auto-populated.
    15. Updated: auto-populated.
    16. Created: auto-populated.
    17. Searchable Bots: select the device-specific Knowledge Bots you want your Agent Assist Bot to be able to search. For example, if you want your Bot to help agents with Clover Flex, Clover Go, and Clover Mini questions, select the corresponding Knowledge Bots from the drop-down menu. You can select as many Searchable Bots as you would like.
  3. Hit Save to display more Add Bot fields.

Relay Agent Assist bot 3Relay Agent Assist bot 3

  1. Scroll down to the Code Configuration section of the Add Bot modal. Adjust the following fields:
    1. Search Results to Display/Clarify Threshold: set the limit on the number of search results the bot will display per one query.
    2. Search Score Clarifying Multiplier: set this to 1 (you can read more about this field here).
    3. Search Score Minimum: set this to 8 (you can read more about this field here).

Relay Agent Assist Bot 4

  1. You may now scroll up to the Service Control section of the Add Bot modal and start button the bot.

Bot-building user tips

  • STOP-START (in Bot Profile):
    • Click Stop and then Start to hard-reset the bot.
    • Stop-Start before you test the bot for the first time.
    • Stop-Start after each change made via the Visual Editor to see the changes appear in real-time in a chat conversation.
  • CLEAR DATA (in Bot Profile): If your bot isn’t working even after you have stopped and started it, try clearing data.

How do I map the Agent Assist Bot to my Team?

By default, your Org’s Agent Assist Bot is mapped to ALL your Teams. However, you can filter or exclude Teams from the Bot’s default mapping.

  1. On the left navigation bar of the Add Bot modal, select Mapping Button (Mapping) and pencil icon` (edit) the default mapping.
  2. Team Filters: (optional) select the Team(s) you wish to be able to use the Bot.
  3. Excluded Team Filters: (optional) select the Team(s) you would like to NOT use the Bot.

Relay Agent Assist Bot 4


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